UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford

UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford

Oxford is always a favourite place of mine; I love its winding, cobbled streets, awe-inspiring buildings and quaint pubs. I used to visit Oxford quite a bit to see my friend Sophie during our undergrad years, but as life got busier my visits became far less frequent. Happily, though, this blog has inspired me to travel much more around the UK, and I’m hoping to visit Oxford again, either in the summer or early autumn.

The last time I went to Oxford was to attend the Literary Festival a few years ago (you can read my post about it here), and, feeling that quite a bit has probably changed since then, I got in touch with a Miranda’s Notebook reader and Oxford resident, Aleksandra of Bunnies Are Magic, to give me a few insider tips to the city. She shared her suggestions, paired with gorgeous photographs, for a fun weekend in Oxford, experiencing a lesser-known side to this famous destination.

Aleksandra’s Oxford Tips

UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford

To a foreigner, the spires of Oxford are one of the UK’s most iconic landmarks.  I’m speaking as a foreigner myself, but also as a person who has now lived in Oxford for a fair amount of time (long enough to discover how hard it is to get from St Magdalen’s bus stops to the high street in July!). I’ve learnt there is more to this one-of-a-kind town than its tourist attractions – a whole host of different experiences waiting to be discovered.

Cocktail Hour

UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford

++ There are plenty of bars in Jericho, an area just slightly north of the city centre. Raoul’s has never disappointed me with their ever-changing menu, and then there is Freud as well, which is based in a very impressive old church building.

International Dining

UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford

++ If you’re a Thai food fan, Thaikhun it is a definite must.

++ For a budget restaurant option, try Turtle Bay. Their spicy mojitos are to die for, trust me, I am a true mojito connoisseur. You can enjoy your relatively cheap food while listening to some Caribbean versions of pop hits too. What’s not to love?

++ For a cup of tea with an Asian twist, the place to go is Formosan Tea Bar.

A Walk on the Wild Side

UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford

++ If you want to get a good idea of how rural Oxford can be, I suggest a walk by the Oxford Canal between Summertown and the town centre. The canal itself is a real treat for anyone interested in nature walks, and if you take the walk on a Sunday, you can enjoy Summertown market, famously known for its owl visitors (from the Heathrow Owl Rescue Centre).

++ Trap Grounds is a waterfowl haven. Tucked away between the canal and the railway, it may well be the only truly wild and uninhabited part of Oxford. Looking over the reeds, it’s the perfect place to catch the most beautiful of Oxford’s sunrises too; a little masterpiece of nature.

UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford

++ Port Meadow holds a great surprise for all unprepared visitors…ponies! They’re friendly if you approach them with care, and they will come to you looking for food, although I would advise treating them with a bit more caution than stable horses.

++ Christ Church College is surrounded by the most wonderful park (my very favourite of Oxford’s parks), that leads all the way to the Thames. You can find geese, swans, ducks, and even cows. If you follow the Thames back towards the high street, at the very edge of the park you will find a botanical garden too.

UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford


UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford

++ On 23rd June, a Jane Austen exhibition is opening at the Bodleian that I expect many Miranda’s Notebook readers might find interesting.

++ Oxford’s Phoenix Picture House is one of my favourite cinemas. Its atmosphere is hard to describe, with everything an old cinema needs and just a little bit more.

++ I also recommend seeing  the wonderful Creation Theatre perform one of their plays; something that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

UK Travel | A Different Side to Oxford

Thanks so much to Aleksandra for her fabulous suggestions! I now want to book a ticket to Oxford straight away.

If you’d like to read more about Aleksandra’s life in Oxford, check our her blog. Aleksandra also writes more personal articles, such as 25 Wishes For My Future Self and How to Ruin Your Work Day. You can also find her on twitter, facebook and instagram.