T&T Episode 4 | Our Lives in Clothes


It’s Tuesday, which means there’s a new episode up on Tea & Tattle! I think this one could be my favourite episode so far and am so excited to share it with you.

In our first style-centric episode, Sophie and I discuss the important role fashion plays in our lives. We agree that the clothing choices we make often directly impact our experiences. To illustrate this, Sophie and I have chosen outfits from our childhood through to our late 20s that taught us an important life-lesson or gave us a significant insight into our own personality. For instance, I recall the ballet costume I wore that led to my first experience of fat-shaming at 8 years old, and Sophie relates her experiences reconciling her love for feminine dresses with her desire to be taken seriously in a rigorously academic environment.

We’ve shared photos of some of the outfits we mention on the podcast, so make sure you check out the blog post!

Happy Listening!