T&T 53 | A Chat With Rosebie Morton

T&T 53 | A Chat With Rosebie Morton

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This week on Tea & Tattle podcast, I’m in conversation with the charming Rosebie Morton, horticulturalist and founder of The Real Flower Company. In this episode, Rosebie tells me about the farm that she runs in Hampshire with her husband, and how she went from raising sheep to getting an idea to grow a few scented roses….

Rosebie Morton at her flower farm in Hampshire

It was so inspiring to learn how Rosebie’s idea of growing some roses gradually grew into what The Real Flower Company is today. Now with flowers grown on farms in the UK, as well as in Kenya during the off-season, The Real Flower Company delivers award-winning, luxurious blooms, with a focus on scented flowers. I love popping by their pretty shop in West London.

T&T 53 | A Chat With Rosebie Morton

On the podcast, Rosebie tells me more about her company’s ethos in growing flowers as sustainably and ethically as possible. She also gives advice to anyone thinking of becoming a florist, or starting their own business, and explains how she found the courage to keeping going with her dream, even though the odds seemed very much against her.

T&T 53 | A Chat With Rosebie Morton T&T 53 | A Chat With Rosebie Morton

I also questioned Rosebie about her favourite ways to use flowers to decorate the home, particularly for a winter dinner party, and she gave me some fantastic ideas.

Listen to learn about building a successful flower business and ideas for decorating your winter holiday table. 

All images provided by The Real Flower Company.