T&T 52 | 1st Year Anniversary Special

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I’m so excited to announce that it’s Tea & Tattle’s birthday!¬†Sophie and I have now been podcasting for a year, which is very hard for us to believe (where does the time go?!). In celebration of our 1st year anniversary, we’ve prepared a special episode, where we’re discussing our own highlights from the first year of the podcast and then answering the fantastic listener questions that were sent in for this episode.

Sophie and I want to say thank you so much to all our listeners, from those who have been with us from the beginning, to those who recently discovered the podcast. It’s so wonderful to hear from our listeners, and we so appreciate your support. Many people have shared Tea & Tattle with their friends and on their social media accounts, and that makes all the difference to us – you’re really helping Tea & Tattle to grow, so thank you!

Special thanks go to everyone who sent in a question for this episode. We had so much fun reading through them, and I hope you enjoy our answers!

Listen to hear our highlights from the first year of podcasting and our answers to listener questions.

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