T&T 28 | Travel Planning and Packing Tips

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In today’s episode, Sophie joins me on the podcast to chat about travel. We share our top tips for planning a journey and packing efficiently. I loved Sophie’s advice about what she always has in her carry on and how she always tries to put fresh sheets on the bed before leaving for a holiday, so that her home is especially inviting on return. We both talk about our planning timeline leading up to a trip, detailing what we plan months, weeks, days and even hours in advance.

Sophie and I had a lot of fun sharing ideas in this episode, and we felt there was so much more we could have said, so we’re planning a Part 2 for our next joint Tea & Tattle episode, where we’ll be talking about making the most of a trip, including fun ideas for keeping a travel journal. If there’s a particular travel-related topic you’d like us to discuss as well, then do let us know!

Listen to hear our best tips for travel planning and packing.