Tea & Tattle | Skye O’Neill (@georgianlondon) Shares Her Instagram Tips

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This week on Tea & Tattle, I’m joined by the instagrammer and blogger, Skye O’Neill, otherwise known as @georgianlondon on instagram. Skye’s love for London started when she moved to the city several years ago from Australia. Her fantastic eye for London’s architecture and her knowledge of its lesser known areas makes Skye’s instagram account one of my very favourites to follow.

In today’s conversation, Skye tells me about how she joined instagram only two years ago, after a fluke feature through the VSCO photography app, and how she’s gone on to build an audience of over 130k followers since then. Skye also shares some of her favourite London areas to photograph, as well as how she juggles her family life and career in publishing alongside her photography.

This is an excellent listen for anyone who loves London and who is interested in growing their own instagram following through urban photography.

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