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T&T 09 | Sleek Technique Interview

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Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the holidays and are starting the New Year feeling refreshed and invigorated. For Tea & Tattle’s first episode of 2017, I’m interviewing the lovely Victoria Marr and Flik Swan, best friends and founders of the ballet-inspired fitness programme Sleek Technique. If you’re seeking some fitness inspiration to meet your health goals for 2017 (or are fascinated by the world of ballet), then this is the perfect episode for you. And fear not: even if you’ve never done a single plié, Sleek Technique is still highly accessible, and you’ll be getting those ballerina legs in no time!

I first discovered Sleek Technique one January a few years ago, at a time when I desperately needed a fitness routine that I could do from home and that was as enjoyable as it was challenging. I was gritting my teeth getting through a job I didn’t particularly enjoy at the time, and I knew that instead of coming home and feeling miserable most evenings, I had to find something fun to do instead. I started taking 1-2 Sleek Technique Live Classes a night, and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. My mood transformed, and it was wonderful to feel strong and graceful again.

As you’ll notice in this episode, both Victoria and Flik have such friendly, bubbly personalities that it’s hard not to smile all through their classes (hard work though they may be!). I loved hearing about how they switched careers from professional dancers to fitness entrepreneurs in this interview, as well as their tips for keeping on track with your exercise routine and their advice on creating a successful business with your best friend.

I’ve also signed up to join in the new Sleek Technique Full Ballerina Body Nutrition Programme, which starts January 10th (we discuss it a little in the episode). I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes, and do drop me a line if you’re keen to try it as well, as it would be fun to know if anyone else is doing it too!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2017! I so enjoyed this Sleek Technique interview and hope you do too! I’ll be back with regular Miranda’s Notebook blog posts on Monday; in the meantime – happy listening!

Miranda Loves: Tracy Anderson Live Streaming

Tracy Anderson Live Streaming

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Tracy Anderson Method. Over the past few months, my exercise routine has become completely revitalised by joining the Tracy Anderson live streaming classes. It’s a dream of mine that one day I’ll get to do one of Tracy’s classes in person (I would love to see her Hamptons studio), but until then the live streaming classes are definitely the next best thing.

One of Tracy’s master classes is live-streamed every week and posted every Wednesday onto the membership area of the TA website. There is also a new beginners’ video posted each week, and new cardio classes posted every few months. Initially, the difficulty level of the videos seemed to vary rather widely – the beginner ones were sometimes more difficult than the master classes! – but they are much more consistent now, with those for beginners often shorter (1/2 hr) and offering simpler routines. I’ve worked my way up to generally choosing the masterclass over the beginner one, and they are just so much fun! Tracy always has the best soundtrack, and it’s easy to get moving along with her, even if your muscles are crying out in agony (which, trust me, they probably will be)!

I hate going to the gym, so I’m always a fan of at-home workouts, but sometimes it’s harder to work up motivation when it’s only you in your living room. Watching a live-streamed class gives the illusion of being in the studio along with everyone else, and it’s motivating when you see all the great women in the class sweating along with you.

If you’re new to Tracy Anderson, I would recommend watching some of her videos on youtube (there’s a great selection available) to get a feel for her style of exercise, as it’s likely pretty different from anything else you’ve tried. None of her classes are easy, but they certainly give you results quickly, and the dance-based routines are pretty addictive. If you’re already a fan of TA, then you will LOVE the live classes. Her arm routines at the beginning of each class are just something else!

What’s your favourite workout programme? Do you like to exercise at home or the gym?

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Miranda Loves: Mini Workouts

tracy-anderson-1-600x800{Tracy Anderson, founder of the Tracy Anderson Method}

For ages, I really hated the idea of exercising in the morning. From my years of ballet training, when I went to classes every evening and danced for 2-3 hours a day, I got used to the routine of only ever working out at night. I was convinced that pre-breakfast workouts just weren’t for me, especially as I like to have at least one cup of tea in the morning before feeling capable of uttering a sentence, let alone lifting weights.

After completely revolutionising my morning routine through my Miracle Morning, though, I’m now working out in the mornings every day. To my astonishment, I love it! I don’t think there’s much that makes you feel more virtuous than having already accomplished a workout by 6am. At the beginning, though, I started out small, with only short (max 15 minute) exercises. I feel so much more awake after exercising in the morning, that I still try to incorporate a short workout into my mornings, even on days when I’m extra rushed or am taking a day away from my usual Miracle Morning routine.

I know the idea of waking up and hitting the gym for an hour can feel horribly overwhelming, so I thought I’d share my favourite short exercises that are all available on youtube and easy to do at home (even while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil!).

Tracy Anderson Arm Workout

I love this workout! Short and snappy, but lots of fun, it really gets you moving and is great for under-the-arm flab too!

Tracy Anderson ‘Get a V’ Workout

Another favourite Tracy Anderson workout of mine: this one is ideal for fitting in some ab exercises, even when you’re really short on time.

Ballet Beautiful Swan Arms

Deceptively soothing, with classical music and Mary-Helen’s calming, pleasant voice counting out the reps, this arms workout is a killer and helps get leaner, stronger arms in no time.

Sleek Technique Barre Workout

This ballet-based workout from my favourite dancers, Flik and Victoria, is perfect for building strong, elongated leg muscles.

Do let me know if you try any of these workouts! Are you generally a morning or an evening exerciser? Do you feel inspired to fit even a 5 minute workout into the start of your day? Let me know how you get on if so!

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Miranda Loves: Sleek Technique DVD Set

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 16.23.13

Sleek Technique DVD

As those who have read my About Me page, or follow me on Instagram will know, I’m a huge fan of Sleek Technique, an online dance fitness company run by ex-professional dancers, Victoria Marr and Flik Swan. I generally do about 6 online live classes a week and get a little tetchy if I have to miss class several days in a row (seriously, who needs a social life?!). I love that the online classes allow me to workout from the comfort and ease of my livingroom, whilst still being able to chat to the instructors and other people in the class.

I was then naturally very excited to order Sleek Technique’s first DVDs, which arrived in the post this morning. 10 minutes after unwrapping the parcel, I’d popped the Sleek Full Ballet Sculpt DVD onto play and had selected the Upper Body and Arms workout. Phew, it was a tough 10 minute blast! I’m attending a wedding as a bridesmaid in 2 and 1/2 weeks though, and as my dress is strapless, I’m grateful for any extra upper arm toning I can get! The DVDs are great value for money: £24.99 gets you 3 DVDs, with 2x 60 minute and 1x 50 minute workouts. Each DVD is broken down into smaller workouts, though, so you can mix and match them.

If you’re looking for a fun (but effective! trust me, it’s tough!) way to negate the Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas mince pies that are looming on the horizon, then I can’t recommend Sleek Technique enough. Although you don’t need any ballet or dance experience at all to do the live classes, I know that people can find the idea of them a little intimidating, in which case I’d definitely recommend starting with the DVDs and gaining familiarity and confidence with some of the steps at your own pace.

And now I’d better start getting ready for my class tonight! Do you workout from home at all? What are your favourite fitness methods?