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Tea & Tattle: Charlotte Jacklin of Betty Magazine

Listen to the latest Tea & Tattle here.

This week on Tea & Tattle, I’m joined by the blogger and podcaster, Charlotte Jacklin. I first came across Charlotte’s work when she was editing Betty Magazine, which was one of my favourite editorials to read. Charlotte created Betty with her business partner, Charlotte Melling, but after having her baby daughter, June, in 2017, Charlotte made the decision to go her own route and relaunch Betty Magazine as an online blog.

As well as writing her fabulous blog, Charlotte co-hosts the podcast, The Fringe of It, which topped iTunes charts when it was first released. The podcast features informal chats between Charlotte and her friend Liv Purvis, as well as inspiring interviews with other creatives.

I also love Charlotte’s instagram account, which features fantastic style inspiration, as well as updates on her everyday life and insights into building a creative business. I know many people appreciate Charlotte for her transparency and honesty online, as well as her friendly, down-to-earth personality. If you ever need a bit of cheering up, then watching a few of Charlotte’s instagram stories will invariably do the trick!

In today’s discussion, Charlotte tells me about her love for fashion and how she’s developed her own sense of style over the years, as well as how giving birth to June has made Charlotte braver in pursuing her business and life goals. We also chat about being open and developing an authentic voice through blogging and instagram, as well as what has surprised Charlotte most about podcasting. This is a great episode for anyone who is seeking to be a little braver in their own life and who would love to learn more about navigating a successful creative career.

Tea & Tattle is also available to listen to on iTunes and stitcher.

London Fashion | A Chat With Chloé Marlow

Marlow London | Interview with Chloe Marlow | Miranda's Notebook | London Fashion

Chloé Marlow is the founder of the London-based luxury accessories brand, Marlow London, where she sells her beautiful  scarves and bags. I first discovered Chloé’s designs at an A Luxe Story event last autumn and instantly fell for her fun, fresh approach to fashion. A Luxe Story regularly hosts pop-ups featuring up-and-coming designers, and another pop up event is taking place in Hampstead until 14th May (details here). I highly recommend dropping by if you’re in the area, as there are some fabulous designers represented, including Chloé!

Marlow London | Interview with Chloe Marlow | Miranda's Notebook | London FashionChloé Marlow

Marlow London only launched last year, but it has already attracted a huge amount of success, and I’m sure Chloé will keep on going from strength to strength. I managed to have a chat with her about her experience running her own company so soon after graduating and what it’s like breaking into the fashion industry today.

Marlow London | Interview with Chloe Marlow | Miranda's Notebook | London Fashion

What made you decide on a career in fashion?

I was very lucky in that I always knew what I wanted to do. I recently found an old diary that I wrote when I was 14, and I’d scribbled all over it that what I wanted to be when I grew up was a fashion designer. I don’t think I ever wanted to be anything else.

You only graduated very recently! What led you to create Marlow London?

I graduated from Central Saint Martins last summer. I never anticipated that I’d launch an accessories brand so soon after graduating! It all came from my final year project, where I was looking at luxury branding and luxury marketing. I’ve always been inspired by luxury brands and the way they represent themselves. I decided I wanted to create a modern-day classic luxury brand.

After graduating, I began apprenticing in a studio, and at the same time I began freelancing for quite a big online fashion retailer. I was meeting talented crafts people at the studio, and I was asking them questions and learning from their experiences, and at the same time I was getting firsthand market research working with the luxury brands I was fascinated by.

Marlow London | Interview with Chloe Marlow | Miranda's Notebook | London Fashion

Did you do any business studies before launching Marlow London?

No, I’ve never studied business; I’ve always been really creative. I didn’t really know what I was doing – I had to learn from other people. At the studio I apprenticed at, other artists were starting their own business, or had already been running one for a while, so I was asking them about stockists and costings. I was learning about how to work out the costings of a product from a piece of leather and working out how you can tell how many bags you could make and how much each square meter would cost. So I was learning as I went along. Some people might say you should get more experience, but I personally believe that if you want to do something, do it, and learn as you go.

You have quite a tongue-in-cheek approach to fashion. What is the message behind your designs?

I really enjoy merging fashion and art and to have a real context behind every piece I make. With this collection, I was really fascinated by luxury branding and marketing and by what makes an object valuable, be it the name, the craftsmanship, or the branding. I believe that throughout history wealth has been portrayed by what you’ll wear and what you won’t, and I don’t think today is so much different; people want the latest trend, the coolest brand, the limited edition. My collections aim to question these ideas and people’s perception of what is luxury in humorous ways.

Marlow London | Interview with Chloe Marlow | Miranda's Notebook | London Fashion

So what does luxury actually mean to you? How do you like to inject a little luxury into your everyday life?

I think luxury is about exclusivity – something that not everyone else has. It’s also about the longevity of an object and the craftsmanship that goes into making it.

My day-to-day isn’t that luxurious! I’ll wear anything baggy, anything comfortable. I’m usually sprawled out on the floor, wearing two coats because my office is so cold! When I do go out, though, I always make an effort. I’ll take my time choosing my outfit and getting ready, and to me that really is luxury, as I’m treating myself.

What do you think are the top 5 items any woman should have in her closet?

It’s always good to have a flattering pair of jeans that fit really well. You need a good LBD – you can’t go wrong with that! A statement bag never gets boring and goes with every outfit. A tailored jacket too, as that makes you feel like a girl boss! And then my fifth choice would be an accessory like a scarf. I wear oversized scarfs, and a lot of the scarves in my collection are oversized. You can wear them in so many different ways and they really make an outfit.

Marlow London | Interview with Chloe Marlow | Miranda's Notebook | London Fashion

What have been some of the highlights so far in your career?

I’m still at the beginning of my career, but first would have to be the evening that I told my boss at the studio that I wanted to quit, and that I wanted to become their client. That was the first step in really becoming my brand, so that was pretty huge! It took a week of my pep-talking myself to do that! Then, the evening I launched my website, it crashed due to too much traffic, which I didn’t anticipate, and my web designers didn’t anticipate it either, so that was a great feeling. Finally, getting my first stockist (Young British Designers) after being in business for less than 6 months was a real highlight.

Does it ever feel overwhelming when things are happening so quickly for you? How do you manage to stay calm?

It can feel very overwhelming! I’m very lucky that I work with my mum, and I bring her along to meetings. She’s always there to support me, and she’ll take some of the load off when I’m struggling to do everything all at once. My mum’s very creative, and I think I get a lot of my creativity from her.

Marlow London | Interview with Chloe Marlow | Miranda's Notebook | London Fashion

What would your advice be to someone wishing to pursue a career in fashion?

It’s a very competitive industry, which I learn more and more. There are so many talented creatives producing so many incredible things. You need to find your niche, and when you do you need to be determined. A lot of people may say you’re aiming too high, or that you can’t do something, but if you know what you want to do, do it and aim high. I’d also say get as much experience as you can. My whole way through university, I interned in every break I had, and I was very fortunate to do that. Networking is really important too; it really is the contacts you make and the genuine relationships that you create with people in the industry that matter.

Marlow London | Interview with Chloe Marlow | Miranda's Notebook | London Fashion

Thanks so much again to Chloé for her fabulous answers to my questions! If you’d like to see more of Chloé’s fun creations, check out her instagram feed. You can find Chloé’s beautiful scarves and bags on her website or at Young British Designers.

Don’t you love Chloé’s designs? Which piece would you most like to own? Are you tempted to drop by A Luxe Story pop-up in Hampstead?

Note: All photographs in this post courtesy Marlow London



Christmas Party Style For Your Fashion Personality

English Rose Party StyleThe English Rose
florals, lace and feminine silhouettes

Option 1 (Debenhams – on sale) / Option 2 (Alice and Olivia)/ Option 3 (Topshop) / Option 4 (Ted Baker) /  Option 5 (Pretty Little Thing) / Option 6 (Quiz Clothing)

Remember the Style Personality Quiz I designed, telling you whether you were a Minimalist, English Rose, Bloomsbury Babe, Parisian, or Boho Wanderer? I had so much fun coming up with that Quiz, and I’ve wanted to do a few more posts around those style personalities for a while. Here, then, are some suggestions for Christmas Party Dressing for each category of style. Whether you’re an out-and-out Parisian, or a mix of English Rose and Bloomsbury Babe, I hope you enjoy browsing through these fashion boards.


The Minimalist
pattern-free, elegant colours and sleek lines that scream fuss-free sophistication

Option 1 (Zara) / Option 2 (Agnes B) / Option 3  (Whistles) / Option 4 (Simo) / Option 5 (Ted Baker) / Option 6 (Alice and Olivia)


The Bloomsbury Babe
retro, quirky and fun-loving

Option 1 (Coco Fennell) / Option 2 (Joules) / Option 3 (Lindy Bop) / Option 4 (Orla Kiely) / Option 5 (H&M) / Option 6 (Zara)


The Parisian
classically elegant, luxurious and confident

Option 1 (Ted Baker) / Option 2 (Alice and Olivia) / Option 3 (Kate Spade) / Option 4 (Sandro) / Option 5 (Reiss) / Option 6 (Zara)


The Boho Wanderer
free-spirited, flowing lines and colourful patterns

Option 1 (Laura Ashley) / Option 2 (Maje) / Option 3 (Coco Fennell) / Option 4 (Whistles) / Option 5 (Anna Sui) / Option 6 (Topshop)

Which fashion choices speak the most to you?


Miranda Loves | Fall Fashion Essentials

Miranda Loves | Fall Fashion Favourites

I’ve missed posting my ‘Miranda Loves‘ posts regularly, as I do find it’s a great way to share some of my favourite finds, so I’ve decided to post a ‘Miranda Loves‘ feature on Wednesdays. Today, I’ve gathered a selection of Fall Fashion Essentials. A new season often inspires me to sort through my wardrobe and add a few items I feel are missing, or that will revitalise old favourites.

1/ With the return of back to work (and back to school), this Coast blouse is a great item to add to your professional wardrobe. A smart white blouse is always classic, and I like the pretty details of the long cuffs and ruffled neckline. It’s just the sort of top I would wear – paired with smart trousers – for Parents’ Evening at my school.

2/ For me, autumn marks the return of theatre season, and I’m always eager to find out the new ballet programme at the Royal Opera House. This Kate Spade bag would be such a delightful addition to my theatre-going outfit (I also love this one).

3/ As you know, I swear by a solid-coloured lace dress as a standby for formal occasions, and this Ted Baker dress exactly fits the bill. The colour is beautiful for Fall, and it would look lovely paired with a black blazer and high-heeled ankle boots.

4/ This shimmery green Chanel nail polish makes an interesting change from the usual berry tones and metallics that I pull out in the colder months.

5/ I received the new Zadig & Voltaire ‘This is Her’ perfume when I went to its launch party, and I’ve worn it so many times since (and am complimented on it whenever I do!). It has a lovely mix of jasmine and pink peppercorn to give it a fresh, floral scent, but the added notes of chestnut and vanilla give this fragrance a richness and depth that makes it the perfect choice for autumn. I always find it fun to change up my perfume with a new season, and This is Her has definitely become my go-to choice for autumn (alongside my old favourite, L’Air de Rien).

6/ I’ve written before about how much I dislike dressing up for Halloween, so to my eyes, this adorable hoodie makes the perfect, low-key outfit (and who’s to say you should only wear it for Halloween?!).

7/ Unfailingly, a chic beret is a must-have accessory for autumn, and Agnes B does the classics so well, with an added touch of Parisian je ne sais quoi. 

8/ I wore my old boots to death last winter, and I now have my eye on these very reasonable over-the-knee boots. I think these would look great paired with a knit dress, and I like the chunkiness of their heels, which I always find a lot more comfortable than stilettos!

9/ I’ve fallen head-over-heels for these blackberry earrings (the simple studs are great too). Les Nereides is Parisian jewellery company that I just discovered recently (they have a charming shop in Covent Garden), and I adore everything they do!

10/ Leopard seems to be the pattern this fall, and rather than going for a full blown leopard print dress, I like the idea of adding subtle touches of the print to my outfit. These loafers look so stylish and are also great to pop into your handbag to change into when your heels are killing you. Apparently, Butterfly Twist shoes have thin, flexible soles that allow you to fold up the shoes, making them easily portable.

What are your favourite items from this list? Do you have any particular Fall Fashion Essentials?

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Wardrobe Stories | Avoca Floral Dress

Wardrobe Stories | Avoca Floral Print Dress‘Wardrobe Stories’ is a series in which I discuss the most beloved items in my closet. They are the pieces I turn to season after season, year after year, and that never go out of style.

The Avoca dress pictured above has been a summer favourite of mine for years. I love the mix of floral patterns (featuring one of my favourite Liberty fabrics), pretty beading around the waistline and the fact that the dress can be worn with flats or heels for a fuss-free day to evening transition. It was warm enough over the weekend to pull the dress out again, ready for exploring the gardens at the Geffrye Museum and drinks in the sunshine.

Several of my favourite summer dresses are in fact by Avoca Clothing. I first discovered the brand years ago on holiday in Jersey, where I stumbled upon a boutique that stocked some pretty Avoca dresses, skirts and their classic ballerina-style wraps. Since then, I’ve been quick to spot their signature floral prints in boutiques in London, and this dress I in fact bought at a shop in Lewes whilst on my way to my first visit to Charleston.

Wardrobe Stories | Avoca Floral DressWardrobe Stories | Avoca Floral Dress

Avoca takes its name from the brand’s location, and I would love to pay a visit to Avoca, Ireland myself sometime, not least to visit the lovely sounding shop and weaving mill, which is apparently the oldest in Ireland. The village looks utterly charming, nestled in a valley alongside the River Avoca. I shall definitely get there one day!

Geffrye Museum Gardens | London Wardrobe Stories | Avoca Floral Dress

In the meantime, visiting some of London’s prettiest gardens is curbing any pangs I have for an escape to the countryside. The Geffrye Museum is one of my favourite places in the city, and it has charming gardens and a leafy courtyard that offer peaceful refuge on a hot day. Devoted to domestic history, the museum is well worth visiting too, with its series of rooms that show the evolution of English living rooms over the last 400 years (my favourite is the 1950s room!). In the summer months, though, I especially enjoy the Geffrye’s gardens.

Geffrye Museum Gardens | LondonWardrobe Stories | Avoca Floral Dress Geffrye Museum Gardens | LondonGeffrye Museum Gardens | London

The gardens at the Geffrye consist of a walled herb garden (with plenty of benches in cosy nooks to read a book or chat to a friend) and several period gardens. The period gardens offer a further insight into British domestic history, as they are based on drawings and recorded plantings of urban middle-class gardens, from the 17th – 20th Century. I particularly delight in the 19th and 20th Century period gardens, with the former featuring a truly Victorian looking greenhouse and the latter a pergola covered in roses (or wisteria, depending on the season). I felt I blended rather nicely into the background in my floral dress!

Geffrye Museum Gardens | London Geffrye Museum Gardens | London Wardrobe Stories | Avoca Floral Dress Geffrye Museum Gardens | London Geffrye Museum Gardens | London Geffrye Museum Gardens | London Wardrobe Stories | Avoca Floral Dress

If you’re in the mood for refreshments (I always seem to be), then it’s worth heading to the cafe for a pot of tea (and perhaps a brownie. Unfortunately, some of the cafe cakes tend towards being rather too dry, but I can report the brownie is gooey and tasty). The cafe is light and airy and overlooks the 20th Century period garden, as well as some bee hives.

Wardrobe Stories | Avoca Floral Dress

There’s also a Mini Moderns pop up shop presently at the Geffrye, where I stopped to pick up some gifts for upcoming birthdays (I’d been to their press release earlier in the week and had to go back for more!). The main shop is very nice too (they stock a particularly good selection of cards – I can never resist picking up one or two!).

Wardrobe Stories | Avoca Floral Dress

If you’re looking for ways to escape the heat in London at the moment, then I definitely recommend throwing on your favourite cotton floral dress and finding a shady spot in the Geffrye Museum gardens!

What are your wardrobe staples for summer? Do you have a dress you pull out every year?

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P.S. More ‘Wardrobe Stories’: my Anna Sui dress and a classic LBD.

P.P.S. THANK YOU so much to everyone who has filled in the Miranda’s Notebook Reader Survey. I have absolutely loved reading all your comments, and I’ve found all the feedback so helpful. I was really touched by how many people bothered to fill it in, and you’ve got me very excited for some plans I intend to start implementing in the Autumn!

Miranda Loves: Hobbs Winter Collection

Miranda Loves: Hobbs Winter CollectionShirt | Tartan Dress | Blazer | Coat | Cape | Leopard Print Dress

I have to admit, in the past I haven’t been a fan of Hobbs and have generally classed their clothing as a little dull and best left for office-appropriate wear. The other day, though, I had some time to kill in Covent Garden and wandered into the nearest Hobbs branch. I was completely blown away by their winter range and found so much I loved (my Christmas list has grown considerably now…). I’ve shared some of my very favourite pieces above. Hobbs’ use of Liberty prints in the Heritage collection is inspired, and their coats and capes are fun and stylish. Also, I’m seriously tempted by the leopard print dress as an easy-to-wear instant outfit for all the holiday parties and events that are beginning to kick off.

Are you a fan of Hobbs? What do you think of their latest collection?

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Miranda Loves: Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo

Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo

Ok, so I know I’ve raved about my love of Ines de la Fressange’s classic style (and my love of Uniqlo) before, but I honestly just get so excited whenever a new collaboration between the two appears. Have you seen the latest Ines for Uniqlo collection?! It is AMAZING – the best yet, I think, and new pieces keep being added regularly (like this lovely looking velvet dress). I love the mix of tailored jackets, flannel shirts and gorgeous knitwear.  I want to buy pretty much everything, but I’ve restrained myself to only a few pieces so far. I know what’s on my birthday wish list though!!

Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo

The video is rather fun to watch too:

Which are your favourite pieces from the collection?

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Miranda Loves: Kate Spade Pencil Case

Kate Spade Pencil Case

I always love Kate Spade designs, and I was excited to spot that Bentalls in Kingston is now stocking a range of Kate Spade stationery and jewellery. Of course, my eyes instantly went to this bookish pencil case, which I think is gorgeous, and which I fully intend to use as a little clutch. At £25, it’s a steal, and I think will look great paired with jeans, strappy sandals and a striped top.

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Miranda Loves: Liberty Hair Accessories

Liberty Hair Accessories

I have to admit, I’m useless at doing my own hair, so often my favourite way to change things up a little is to use a pretty hair accessory. I have a weakness for Liberty prints, so I was delighted to discover their range of pretty hair accessories. I’m particularly drawn to the headbands and rose clips, and I feel even Carrie Bradshaw would approve of these scrunchies!

What’s your favourite way to add an interesting twist to a simple hair style?

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Miranda Loves: Uniqlo Pleated Skirt

Uniqlo Pleated Skirt

Uniqlo has long been a favourite of mine for good quality, reasonable basics. Their Ines de la Fressange collaborations always offer classic, stylish pieces, and I’m also currently loving the collection of pretty, mosaic inspired t-shirts by Rossi 1931. At the moment, though, I’m barely out of their easy-to-wear pleated skirts that I snapped up for £7.90 on sale. I bought both the black and navy knee-length versions for work, and I love them so much I’m tempted to get at least one in a mini version for weekend wear too. These skirts remind me a lot of ones Sandro had in stock last summer, but are a mere fraction of the price and aren’t dry-clean only (always a good thing when you work with 5 year olds!). They also don’t crease so will be great for packing for holidays!Uniqlo Pleated SkirtDo you have one item of clothing you’re really loving at the moment? Do let me know what it is!

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