First Signs of Spring in London

Inspired by this week’s Tea & Tattle episode, where I’m chatting with one of my very favourite floral photographers, Georgianna Lane (you can listen to our conversation here), I took an early morning walk in London to seek out signs of spring.

The spell of warm weather has meant that spring has sprung a little early, and I was delighted to discover daffodils already blooming in Green Park and St James’s Park.

During the spring, more than 250,000 daffodils planted in Green Park open their yellow faces to the sun, making it the only time of year you’ll see flowers blooming in this park. The legend goes that Queen Catherine, wife of the womanising Charles II, caught him picking a bouquet for his mistress in the park and ordered all flowers to be removed. Since then, only daffodils appear once a year in this London oasis.

As I walked by Buckingham Palace, I was delighted to witness a carriage pulled by two prancing horses travelling between the Palace and the Royal Mews, most likely on its way back from delivering mail from St James’s Palace (which is done daily by horse and carriage!). The continuation of ancient traditions that permeate London is part of the reason I love the city so much.

After my stroll through the parks, I set off towards Bond Street to visit two of my favourite florists: Wild Things and the Wild at Heart Liberty branch.

Wild Things always have the most beautiful bucket of blooms outside their front door, and I can never resist snapping a photo whenever I stroll by. I loved this display of pale pink, white and burgundy roses – such an old-fashioned, romantic colour combination.

As I made my way towards Liberty, crossing New Bond Street, I saw a tree hanging over the gates of Hanover Square, scattering white petals over the ground.

The blossom is only just starting to appear in the city, and I love tracking its progress through London. North London is always a little behind the rest of the city, but I know that clouds of pink and white blossom will start appearing in Hampstead soon too.

Liberty never fails to live up to expectations; I can never tire of its beautiful entrance way that showcases spectacular flowers in old zinc buckets. The hyacinths and ranunculus particularly caught my eye. The smell of hyacinths always heralds spring for me, and I love the soft delicacy of ranunculus and their tutu-like petals.

Thank you so much to Georgianna Lane for inspiring such a delightful morning walk in my home city. Georgianna is so talented at capturing florals in the city, and I’m very excited by her latest book, New York in Bloom (a follow up to Paris in Bloom). I am going to New York in the summer, and I’ve been using Georgianna’s book to help plan some excursions for when I’m there.

Georgianna will also be publishing London in Bloom next year, which of course I’m very much looking forward to! To hear more about Georgianna’s work and her advice for individuals wishing to pursue a creative career, have a listen to our chat on Tea & Tattle. I hope it inspires you to seek out the earliest signs of spring as well.

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