Things to Enjoy: September


One thing I realised over the summer, is how important it is to try to enjoy every day. Even in less than ideal circumstances, like a bad day at work, a goal I’ve set myself for this month is to truly live everyday, and not to let negative emotions or experiences define my week. I’ve definitely been guilty of living for the weekends and days off, but this attitude means I end up wishing too much of my life away. I thought it would be helpful to me (and hopefully anyone else who may be struggling with this too!) to start off each month with a list of things that I’m looking forward to trying or doing – not just on the weekends, but as part of my daily existence. If nothing else, this list will remind me of the opportunities I have every day to do something fun and fulfilling.

I’ve also decided to pick a theme for each month. This month, my focus is on health.

With a focus on health, it’s not a surprise I’m incorporating exercise into my – almost – daily regime. Over the summer, I started a subscription to the Tracy Anderson live streaming classes. Oh my goodness! They are so hard, but so fun.

No doubt it’s because it’s back to school season, but I’m entering September with a strong desire to write more. I’ve decided to start off gently: I’ve no real plan for my writing; I want to allow myself the freedom to write about whatever I want as part of my evening routine each day.

I’ve got a couple of parties lined up this month that I’m excited about, and one of them is a London Fashion Week inspired party at Quo Vadis Club. I’m going with a lovely friend, so it will be a fun way to catch up and enliven a Thursday evening.

I love Pinterest, but I’ve been barely using it for months. Being in the midst of Melissa’s brilliant Pinfinite Growth course (my first blogging course – so fun!), though, I’ve been motivated to tidy up my boards and start pinning again, which I’ll do more of over the next few weeks.

Cafe Hop
There are some cafes I’ve heard about recently that I’m dying to try out: Sandows is meant to be the perfect place for a cold brew. Eclairs at Maitre Choux also sound an absolute must.


For Happiness
Happiness links directly to physical and mental health, so what better podcast to be listening to this month than Happier with Gretchin Rubin? I absolutely love this podcast which Gretchin hosts with her sister, Elizabeth Craft. I’ve been reading Gretchin’s books for years now, but I absolutely love that this show features her sister too, who is fabulously down-to-earth and reminds us that we’re all human and somedays can only do so much.

A book I’m currently working my way through is WomanCode by Alisa Vitti which is what has got me started on my current health kick. I first discovered by listening to this episode of the Jess Lively podcast. I second Jess’ opinion that every woman should listen to what Alisa has to say! It’s pretty mind-blowing.

I’m tempted to try out Abel & Cole boxes this month. Do any of you get them? I used to get a box years ago, but I found I had trouble using everything up in time (mainly because I had the tiniest kitchen ever with only 1 hob and no oven so cooking was a challenge!). The idea of lovely fresh fruit & vegetables dropped at my door is definitely appealing now though.

In Season
Now’s the time to enjoy loganberries, greengages, apples, damsons and blackcurrants. I’m going to compile a collection of the best looking recipes for these fruits and enjoy spending some time in the kitchen.

What are you going to enjoy this month? Do you set yourself any monthly goals? 

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