My Thankfulness List


Even though I no longer live in the US, I still enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving and I still take the time to reflect on the past year and make a list of everything I’m most grateful for at this stage in my life. Here’s my list for this year:

1/ My office. I always feel more peaceful and grounded when I come into my office on the days I can work at home and settle down to write. My desk is tiny, but sweet, and I like to add pretty details, like attractive notebooks, a rose in a vase, an attractive bottle of perfume and a scented candle to make the space feel truly my own.

2/ People who have the gift to uplift and inspire. You know the people in your life who always leave you feeling that little bit happier, or have the knack of igniting that spark of creativity and joy in others, as well as themselves? These friends are truly the special ones, and I’m always thankful for them.

3/ Focus. After some shaky months over the summer, when I felt oddly distracted and unable to settle, I’m grateful that my true focus and clarity of purpose has returned.

4/ Tea & Tattle. I can’t believe Tea & Tattle has only been going for two weeks; it’s brought me so much joy and excitement already. Being able to do a creative project with such a good friend is a lot of fun. Sometimes, blogging can feel a rather solitary experience, so getting to share a part of it with someone else is definitely enjoyable.

5/ Jane Austen. Always my refuge in moments of stress or crisis, I am eternally grateful for my collection of Jane Austen novels. In preparation for a few projects I’m turning over in the back of mind, I’ve been rereading all of her novels in odd moments of time as I commute on the tube or have a few minutes to kill at a coffee shop. What a joy it is to meet all my old favourite characters again!

Which things are you most thankful for at the moment?