My Summer To-Do List


With the official start of my holiday today, I thought it would be fun to draw up a list of everything I’m hoping to accomplish over the summer.

1/ Recharge. The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy and have left me feeling rather exhausted, so my number 1 priority for the rest of the week is to get plenty of rest and let my energy levels return to normal.

2/ Explore somewhere new. I’ve not got any exciting travel plans, but I’m still hoping to do a little exploring. Top of my list is seeing The Fry Art Gallery, which I’ve been wanting to visit for years and still haven’t gotten around to it yet!

3/ Write some more London village guides. I love writing guides to my favourite areas, and I’m thrilled I’ll have more time for exploring.

4/ Eat ice-cream. Because summer wouldn’t be summer without plenty of ice-cream. I think going on a hunt for the best scoops in London is a pretty great idea.

5/ Take a break. I’ll probably have a holiday from the blog for a week at some point, I just haven’t decided quite when yet. I do admire people who never take a break from their blog, but I think some time away from anything is often a good idea. I’m intending to make a week’s holiday in the summer an annual tradition!

6/ Have some father-daughter time. My Dad is visiting for 10 days in August so it’ll be great to show him around and have some fun together!

7/ Tidy up. I’m planning a serious sort through of my closet, as well as the blog! It always feels good to have a general tidy up and see if anything needs changing.

8/ Drink cocktails on roof terraces. I have to make the most of the long summer evenings!

9/ Be social. I’m looking forward to attending some weddings, parties and BBQs.

10/ Read. So many books. Now finally some time to read them!

11/ Launch a newsletter. I’ve been gradually building an idea of what content I want to produce in a Miranda’s Notebook newsletter, and I’m getting excited to launch it.

12/ Learn a new skill. An ambition of mine is to start learning HTML, then move on to CSS, then Java Script…we’ll see how that goes! One step at a time though, so for now I’m starting with the very basics of HTML.

13/ Catch up on email. A dreaded but necessary task.

14/ Walk more. I’d love to do more walks through the city and enjoy the process of getting lost and making new discoveries along the way.

15/ Create videos. I’ve got my heart set on making some cooking and make up tutorial videos over the next month.

16/ Workout (and help others to do the same). Sticking to a better workout routine is big aim for this summer, and I’m also having a lot of fun helping a friend of mine to get to grips with ballet-inspired workouts. I’ve been breaking down routines for her, teaching the basics and even videoing myself doing mini classes she can practice in her own time. It’s fun to have a ballet buddy!

17/ Take time to dream.  For me, this generally means spending time alone and making room in my schedule for activities that always particularly inspire me (reading, listening to podcasts and writing). My biggest ideas always come from within, and whenever I start feeling especially drained or fraught, I know that all I need is time spent without a lot of external distractions for inspiration to strike.

18/ Write more postcards (and actually send them). I have a terrible habit of writing postcards to people, but then never actually managing to send them (you generally lose me at the ‘where are the stamps?’ stage). This summer, I intend to actually get some cards in the post box!

What’s on your summer to-do list?

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