Tea and Tattle Podcast Has Launched!

Tea & Tattle Podcast

I am beyond excited to announce the launch of my lifestyle podcast, Tea & Tattle, which I’m co-hosting with my wonderful friend, Sophie. I’ve been working hard in my spare time for the past few months, getting the website ready and recording and editing the first few podcasts. The hard work though, has really been worth it! I’m enjoying Tea and Tattle Podcast so much already, and I really hope you will too.


You can get to know more about Sophie, and our lovely 17+ year long friendship, by reading our About Page and listening to our mini introductory podcast episode. In the episode, we share how we first became friends as pen-pals (me living in New York, and Sophie in England) through a shared love of the Chalet School Boarding School books. We also talk about our common background having been homeschooled for some years as children / teenagers (find out why on the podcast!).


Our first full-length episode – All About Hygge – is also live. We enjoyed talking about hygge so much that we decided to make a downloadable Guide to Hygge booklet to accompany this episode. You can get it here.

Thank you so much to everyone for your support over the podcast already. I’ve been really touched, and I’m just so excited the launch date is finally here and I get to share the first episodes with you all!

The next project I’m tackling is sorting out my blog post schedule on Miranda’s Notebook; I know it’s been rather erratic lately, and that’s something I’m now going to change. I will be taking until next Monday off from blogging, so I can work out my posting schedule and get ahead on the writing, but from then on I’ll be posting on regular days each week.

Until then, enjoy the first episodes of Tea & Tattle Podcast. Happy Listening!