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Tracy Anderson Live Streaming

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Tracy Anderson Method. Over the past few months, my exercise routine has become completely revitalised by joining the Tracy Anderson live streaming classes. It’s a dream of mine that one day I’ll get to do one of Tracy’s classes in person (I would love to see her Hamptons studio), but until then the live streaming classes are definitely the next best thing.

One of Tracy’s master classes is live-streamed every week and posted every Wednesday onto the membership area of the TA website. There is also a new beginners’ video posted each week, and new cardio classes posted every few months. Initially, the difficulty level of the videos seemed to vary rather widely – the beginner ones were sometimes more difficult than the master classes! – but they are much more consistent now, with those for beginners often shorter (1/2 hr) and offering simpler routines. I’ve worked my way up to generally choosing the masterclass over the beginner one, and they are just so much fun! Tracy always has the best soundtrack, and it’s easy to get moving along with her, even if your muscles are crying out in agony (which, trust me, they probably will be)!

I hate going to the gym, so I’m always a fan of at-home workouts, but sometimes it’s harder to work up motivation when it’s only you in your living room. Watching a live-streamed class gives the illusion of being in the studio along with everyone else, and it’s motivating when you see all the great women in the class sweating along with you.

If you’re new to Tracy Anderson, I would recommend watching some of her videos on youtube (there’s a great selection available) to get a feel for her style of exercise, as it’s likely pretty different from anything else you’ve tried. None of her classes are easy, but they certainly give you results quickly, and the dance-based routines are pretty addictive. If you’re already a fan of TA, then you will LOVE the live classes. Her arm routines at the beginning of each class are just something else!

What’s your favourite workout programme? Do you like to exercise at home or the gym?

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