Miranda Loves: Sleek Technique DVD Set

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Sleek Technique DVD

As those who have read my About Me page, or follow me on Instagram will know, I’m a huge fan of Sleek Technique, an online dance fitness company run by ex-professional dancers, Victoria Marr and Flik Swan. I generally do about 6 online live classes a week and get a little tetchy if I have to miss class several days in a row (seriously, who needs a social life?!). I love that the online classes allow me to workout from the comfort and ease of my livingroom, whilst still being able to chat to the instructors and other people in the class.

I was then naturally very excited to order Sleek Technique’s first DVDs, which arrived in the post this morning. 10 minutes after unwrapping the parcel, I’d popped the Sleek Full Ballet Sculpt DVD onto play and had selected the Upper Body and Arms workout. Phew, it was a tough 10 minute blast! I’m attending a wedding as a bridesmaid in 2 and 1/2 weeks though, and as my dress is strapless, I’m grateful for any extra upper arm toning I can get! The DVDs are great value for money: £24.99 gets you 3 DVDs, with 2x 60 minute and 1x 50 minute workouts. Each DVD is broken down into smaller workouts, though, so you can mix and match them.

If you’re looking for a fun (but effective! trust me, it’s tough!) way to negate the Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas mince pies that are looming on the horizon, then I can’t recommend Sleek Technique enough. Although you don’t need any ballet or dance experience at all to do the live classes, I know that people can find the idea of them a little intimidating, in which case I’d definitely recommend starting with the DVDs and gaining familiarity and confidence with some of the steps at your own pace.

And now I’d better start getting ready for my class tonight! Do you workout from home at all? What are your favourite fitness methods?