Miranda Loves: Rhodia Notebooks

Rhodia Notebooks : favourite notebooks of creatives

Whenever it’s back to school season, I always get the urge to spend a fortune on stationery. When I was a student, the part I enjoyed the most about returning to school in September was definitely the shopping! I’d carefully select my new subject files, folders, backpack, pens, pencils and highlighters, as well as an attractive academic diary and fresh notebooks.

Luckily for me now, I get to fill my notepads with blog and story ideas, rather than dull history or geography facts, and even more luckily, I was sent a lovely new notebook from the people at Rhodia. There’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper, and when I’m in the creative process of brainstorming ideas, I much prefer to write them down with a trusted pen that scrawls navy blue ink so satisfactorily across a page.

Rhodia Notebooks : favourite notebooks of creatives

Rhodia Notepads are reportedly a favourite amongst writers, designers and general creatives, not least because of the bleed resistant paper, which means you can use a fountain pen without the aggravation of the ink smudging everywhere. I also really like the way the notebooks fall open easily, but without breaking the spine. I’m determined to do a lot more ‘free flow’ writing over the next few weeks, where I spend time each evening writing whatever I want, and it’s marvellous to have a brand new notebook to use!

What are your favourite notebooks, or do you tend to reach for whatever paper is to hand?

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