Miranda Loves: Kiran Ravilious


In a wonderful moment of serendipity, I stumbled by chance on Kiran Ravilious‘ work soon after seeing the fabulous Eric Ravilious exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

Kiran Ravilious is a designer and printmaker who married Eric Ravilious’ grandson, Ben Ravilious. The beautiful, muted palettes of her designs remind me of Eric Ravilious’ artworks, and I love the hint of the tropics that is incorporated into her work in celebration of her own heritage. I was fascinated by Kiran’s account of meeting her husband and her connection to such an artistic family that is given on her website:

Soon after arriving in Leicester, on a very cold summer’s day, I met Ben. On one of our first dates, I showed Ben these little paintings that I had been doing and he asked me if I’d heard of his grandfather Eric Ravilious. I had not! We hit it off anyway and and were soon inseparable!

I am definitely influenced by my love of nature and the colours of the tropics. I also love visiting and spending time with Ben’s aunt, Anne whose house is filled with hand printed loveliness and who has inspired me by telling me stories about Peggy Angus and her mum Tirzah Garwood and by showing me their beautiful handmade works. My illustrator mother-in-law Robin Ravilious who has a great eye for colour and detail is my biggest fan and is always encouraging me and giving me her honest opinion on my work.

I’m completely smitten by Kiran Ravilious’ beautiful notebooks, cushions and homeware. I have some important birthdays coming up soon, and I have a feeling quite a few gifts will be bought on the Kiran Ravilious website!

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