Miranda Loves: Chanel’s CC Cream


My current beauty obsession is Chanel’s latest CC cream, which I’ve been using on a daily basis as part of my go-to spring makeup routine. Colour correcting cream is super for evening out skin tone (I have quite a lot of red in my face), but still providing moisturising benefits.

I’m obsessed with Chanel’s CC cream, as I find it provides better coverage than tinted moisturiser, but isn’t as thick as foundation and is extremely easy to apply quickly with your fingers. It has a smooth, velvety texture and smells pretty great too. As a skincare fanatic, I also love that is has SPF 50 – perfect for heading into summer!

I have never had any luck with CC creams in the past – generally they just look orange and horrible on my (admittedly very) pale skin, but Chanel has now brought out a range of tones, and number 20 Beige is perfect for me (amazingly, it’s not even the palest offered!).

Have you tried a CC cream before? Which is your favourite?

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  • I use a Laura Mercier one, but I’ve been increasingly unhappy with it recently (I think I’ve gotten paler?) so that’s not it’s fault. But this will definitely be a good option for me to look in to! x

    • Living in the UK does that to one doesn’t it. I still think wistfully of the days when I was young, blonde and tanned in California!! xxx

  • Lizzie

    I’ve been dying to ask you if you liked CC creams and now I know! I may well be treating myself to this come pay day! At the moment, I am obsessing with my most recent beauty impulse buy – it’s a lipstick called Frog Prince by Lipstick Queen. Have you seen it? It’s green (!!!) but adapts with the heat of your lips to make the perfect pink. It’s really sheer and moisturising – I’ll be wearing it all Summer!

    • This is definitely the first one I’ve liked that I’ve tried, but now I’m hooked! That lipstick sounds amazing!! I must look out for it. xxx

      • Lizzie

        If I’m honest, my lipstick purchase was slightly inspired by a small child bouncing up and down next to me saying “Buy the GREEEEEEN one Mummy!”

  • I have such pink toned skin too! However, I’m rubbish with makeup and most of the time don’t wear any at all to work (unless we’ve got specific client meetings!) but this looks like the perfect thing to make the difference between nothing and looking like you’ve made an effort – £44 seems like a lot to me (I still haven’t got past my thrifty student ways!) Alice xx


    • It definitely does a great job in covering up any redness. It’s always a good idea to ask for a sample, or have one of the Chanel girls apply it for you to test it first though, especially as it’s not cheap! That way you can see if you really like it. Chanel products are expensive, but I’m very fussy about what I put on my face, and to me, make up that doesn’t bring me out in spots is always worth it! xxx

      • Yes that’s very true. I would also only use it occasionally too so I can imagine it would last me a while! So possibly still worth spending the extra on it! This could start a new era in my makeup bag! xx

        • Yes, I always find these things last ages. As I said to Frankie above, I’ve only just thrown away my tinted moisturiser, which I bought a year ago and used on an almost daily basis! xxx

  • I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while…my face needs a lot of colour correction. But the budget just hasn’t allowed it yet. SIGH.

    • It is a shame these things are pricey! I have to say, though, I do find they last well. I only just used up all of the Chanel tinted moisturiser that I bought a year ago! xxx

  • Ooh I love the sound of this CC cream by Chanel! Is colour correcting what CC stands for? I’ve never actually known to be honest! I haven’t used one before but I did borrow a bit of my sisters BB cream once – sadly I wasn’t a fan as I found it too thick and drying but maybe a CC cream would suit me! Xx

    • Yes, CC = colour correcting (or colour control)! I found the CC nice and moisturising (and I have dry skin) so definitely recommend giving it a go! It’s a lot like tinted moisturiser, just provides better coverage. xxx