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Last night, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend an instagram photography masterclass, given by photographer Dan Rubin at the Hotel Indigo in Kensington. Instagram is definitely my favourite form of social media, and I’m always seeking ways I can improve my photos, even if they’re just quick snaps on my iphone. I have to admit that, lately, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the quality of the photos I’ve been able to take on my phone, and I’ve generally ended up lugging my big camera everywhere I go. This isn’t always an ideal situation though, and I’m happy to say that after last night’s class, I feel so much more inspired to make the most of my camera phone. Dan shared some great tips and app recommendations, many of which were new to me, and I thought you may be interested to hear them too! I’ve also thrown in a couple of my personal favourites:

++ VSCO Cam. This is my number 1 app for editing photos and applying different layers. I never edit using instagram layers anymore; the quality is so much better in VSCO Cam. At the moment, I’ve only got the free version of the app (which works amazingly well), but I would like to upgrade to add more layers soon.

++ Snapseed. Another useful editing app, with really great sharpening tools that give a crispness to your images.

++ TouchRetouch. An easy way to remove anything unwanted from your picture.

++ AntiCrop. An uncropping and straightening app that allows you to expand on your photos.

++ Skrwt. This app is ideal for correcting lens distortion and straightening vertical and horizontal lines – especially great if you take a lot of architectural / urban photography.

++ Cortex Cam. I was really excited to learn about this app. It vastly improves smart phone photographs taken in low-light and reduces noise.

++ Manual. This app allows custom exposure for your iphone. Like a manual setting on a camera, it enables you to control variables such as white balance, shutter speed and ISO.

++ WordSwag. This is my go-to app for creating quotes or adding text to images.

I really hope you’ve found this information as helpful as I did! Do let me know any of your top tips for smartphone photography, and please feel free to connect over on instagram.

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