Miranda Chats #8 (and some news)


Today’s post is straying from the typical Lovely Links and Miranda Chats combined posts. I’m excited to say that this blog will be turning 1 year old this week (how did that happen?!), and lately I’ve been thinking about any changes to the blog I want to make. I have decided that Lovely Links and my Friday Gratitude List will no longer be regular weekly posts. Instead, I’m planning to share more of my favourite links and reads throughout the week on twitter (so please join me there if you’d like to hear more of my recommendations!), and although I will still likely write a gratitude-themed post, these will no longer be weekly. Also, I’ll no longer be double blogging on Wednesday: my usual Miranda Loves feature post will be published every Wednesday, but longer blog posts will only appear on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

I’ve decided to reserve Sunday as a bit of a ‘wild card’ day in terms of blogging. I hope to do a mix of videos and podcasts: from anything to beauty tutorials, recipe demonstrations, informal chats and styling advice (if you have any other suggestions for topics you’d like to see me video / talk about, then please let me know!). I may even replace a blog post on Sunday with a scheduled periscope event – we shall see! Anyway, I’m excited to explore a wider range of social media as a way to connect with you all in some fun different ways, so thank you very much for your support as I experiment a bit.

And now onto this week’s Miranda Chats video! Please press play on the video below, or click here to be taken to the youtube page to view it. This week, I’m telling you about some fabulous lifestyle magazines I’ve discovered, as well as a Happiness Challenge I’ve set myself. I’ve included links to things mentioned in the video below. Thanks so much for watching!

Video Links:

++ Quo Vadis

++ Broadway Market

++ Jess Lively Podcast

++ Jess Lively Free Webinar (there is one available on Tuesday)

++ Artwords

++ Betty Magazine

++ Cherry Bombe Magazine

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  • Hi Miranda, Cherry Bomb eh? You have reminded me of the 1976’s hit from “The Runaways”. Forgive my ignorance (must be young person’s speak) but what is a “periscope event”? Interested to hear about how you (and others and indeed myself to some extent) have wrapped up happiness, or perhaps “satisfaction” in terms of some goal that you work towards but never quite achieve. Not sure I have much in the way of wisdom other than to say that by the time you are as ancient as I am you will probably have grown out of it to some extent 🙂 I am much more relaxed about not completing the journey than I was at your age. Have you read Woolf’s autobiography “The Journey Not The Arrival Matters”? the title says it all.
    Congratulations on your weblog anniversary; a good time to take stock I am sure.
    Peter xx

    • Periscope is a fairly new social media app – that allows live video streaming, with live commenting from anyone viewing. I haven’t explored it much yet, but it sounds fun! I haven’t read Woolf’s autobiography – clearly I should! And thanks very much for the congratulations 🙂 xxx

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