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Broadway Market Guide

I love markets. When I lived in France, we would regularly go to the market every Sunday, and although I don’t have that weekend routine in London, I still like to get to a market whenever I can. Happily for me, London has some fabulous ones, and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourites with you. First up: Broadway Market.

Broadway Market runs every Saturday in Hackney and is full to the brim of inviting stalls. It’s one of my very favourite markets because it offers a fantastic mix of food, vintage clothing, books and homeware. It’s easy to spend hours (and far too much money!) at Broadway Market, as each stall is so tempting. Make sure to go hungry: you’ll want to try plenty of the delicious snacks on offer. Just remember to get some cash before you go, as most of the stalls don’t accept cards.

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Special mention has to go to the Violet Cakes stall. As you may remember from my post about Violet Cakes, I adore its owner Claire Ptak’s sweet creations, and it always makes me smile to see the pretty array of mini cupcakes at the Violet market stall. I couldn’t resist a raspberry one!

broadway_8 broadway_7 broadway_11

It’s not just the market stalls that are worth visiting though: many of the shops and cafes lining the bustling streets are little treasure troves too. A few of my favourites are:

++ Artwords. This bookshop offers a beautifully displayed selection of carefully chosen books, magazines and periodicals, with a focus on art, fashion, photography, design and architecture. I love their distinctive linen bags that are for sale too, and as I mentioned in my video over the weekend, I couldn’t resist picking up some beautiful magazines.

++ Market Cafe. A fantastic brunch menu, which provides tasty, hearty fodder (just in case you haven’t filled up on market purchases!).

++ F Cooke. This is the place to go to soak up a little atmosphere of a bygone East London. I have to admit, I have yet to muster up the appetite for the ‘hot jellied eels’ advertised in the window, but it’s still a delight to pop your head through the door and witness its beautifully preserved interior. Apparently, the pie & mash really is fabulous too.

++ Tiosk. If you’re in the mood for some carefully selected, well-brewed tea then head to this pretty little cafe.

++ Broadway Bookshop. I’m always happy to see an independent bookshop, and this one is well curated and a lovely place to browse. The shop also holds regular events, so if you’re a local it’s worth keeping an eye on the event list.

++ Black Truffle. I love this clothing and accessories shop! They’re well known for their stock of ultra chic shoes, but I completely fell for their fantastic collection of hats, and couldn’t resist swapping the one I was already wearing for the black one in the picture below. It was just the perfect size and shape – I’ve been looking for a hat like it with no luck for months, and at under £30 this one was a bargain! They also had the hat in burgundy, navy and beige, but I was good and restricted myself to one (I may well be back another time though…!).

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Even though it’s a bit of trek from Kingston, I still love to head to South Hackney whenever I can on the weekends. It’s a place that bursts with vibrancy, life and colour and spending the day there on Saturday almost made me feel like I’d taken a mini holiday away to somewhere much more exotic!

Have you been to Broadway Market before? Which are your favourite shops and stalls?

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