Lovely Links


Some lovely links for your weekend. I hope it’s a fabulous one!

1/ Coveteur’s great article on inspiring women in celebration of International Women’s Day. As a side note, I’d never heard of ‘touchable’ videos before reading this, and I think they’re an incredible idea.

2/ Uh oh, another edition of Pride & Prejudice I’m definitely going to want to buy.

3/ This personality quiz by Gretchen Rubin is fun to take and got me thinking. Which of the 4 tendencies are you? (I’m an Upholder).

4/ Women are finally gaining ground in the previously male-dominated world of sushi making.

5/ The Pioneer Woman’s interview with Marlboro Man. Too cute! It’s a shame there’s such a dearth of cowboys in London…

6/ The Inventing Impressionism exhibition opened this week at The National Gallery, and I so want to see it.

7/ The way customers can ‘pay it forward’ at this pizza shop is wonderfully touching.

8/ I’m all for a red lip comeback!

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