Lovely Links


Some lovely links for your weekend. I hope it’s a fabulous one!

1/ Coveteur’s great article on inspiring women in celebration of International Women’s Day. As a side note, I’d never heard of ‘touchable’ videos before reading this, and I think they’re an incredible idea.

2/ Uh oh, another edition of Pride & Prejudice I’m definitely going to want to buy.

3/ This personality quiz by Gretchen Rubin is fun to take and got me thinking. Which of the 4 tendencies are you? (I’m an Upholder).

4/ Women are finally gaining ground in the previously male-dominated world of sushi making.

5/ The Pioneer Woman’s interview with Marlboro Man. Too cute! It’s a shame there’s such a dearth of cowboys in London…

6/ The Inventing Impressionism exhibition opened this week at The National Gallery, and I so want to see it.

7/ย The way customers can ‘pay it forward’ at this pizza shop is wonderfully touching.

8/ย I’m all for a red lip comeback!

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  • Lovely links, as always! I’m definitely on board for a red lip comeback (I wasn’t even in the know that it needed to make a comeback to be honest haha!). Have a lovely weekend Miranda! xo

  • Oh my god that Pride and Prejudice is gorgeous! I definitely need a really fancy copy of it, mine is so old and tattered!

    Sophia ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

    Small and Happy lifestyle blog

  • Illustrated Pride and Prejudice! Yes yes yes. Also sounds like a fun project to play around with anyway. I want to draw Pride and Prejudice now….

    • Oh I bet your drawings would be fab! Wish I could draw more than stick figures….I just love Alice Pattulo’s work, so I was super excited to see she’s done P&P! xxx

  • Kristina Collins

    Oh yes please to the Alice Pattullo Pride & Prejudice–though not sure I really need another copy ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now off to try the personality quiz and read the interview with Marlboro Man. And yes too to more cowboys in London! xx

  • Well apparently I’m a Rebel! Hahaha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Tara x

  • Elke

    I’m an obliger (no surprise there).
    I went to see the ‘Inventing Impressionism’ exhibit last Friday. Beautiful, but very crowded. Thankfully I’m short, so I could just glide in front of people to get a better look, without annoying them too much. The five poplar paintings by Monet made my jaw drop, though, they looked spectacular together.

    • Oh I’d love to see the Monets! I must get to the exhibition myself, although if possible I’ll try to go a day during the week, as I’m sure the weekend will be incredibly busy. xxx