Lovely Links #26 and Miranda Chats #6


Happy Sunday, everyone! Here are some links to enjoy before Monday hits. The latest Miranda Chats Podcast is here too: this week, I’m talking about the challenge of being truly engaged in the moment and my tips for being more present.

1/ These pancakes sound so easy, but so so good.

2/ 10 things to do when you get up before the sun.

3/ This looks like the most idyllic weekend ever. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos from one of my favourite bloggers.

4/ Some of the best Julia Child quotes, in honour of her (103rd!) birthday.

5/ I love the idea of this daily ritual.

6/ How to make your desk lunch feel like a proper meal.

7/ I have to admit, I’ve been rather disappointed by the Life in Squares BBC series, but I’m holding out hope for this Bloomsbury Group inspired film.

8/ I’m loving Giada’s new TV series – Giada in Italy, and the gorgeous chef is looking better than ever. Here are some beauty secrets direct from her Italian mother.

And now on to Miranda Chats, number 6!

Have a lovely rest of the weekend, everyone!

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