Lovely Links #22 and Miranda Chats #3

Lovely Links and Miranda Chats

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope you’re having a fun, but also a restful and restorative one. I’m definitely trying to fit in some R&R today, having had a busy day yesterday. Here are some lovely links to enjoy as you unwind on the sofa (and scroll down to press play on Miranda Chats #3, in which I review the goals I set in January and discuss what I need to change in the next half of 2015).

1/ A touchingly heartfelt tribute to my favourite children’s book illustrator, Shirley Hughes, from her daughter.

2/ Flowers frozen in ice-cubes is such a fabulous idea for a summer party.

3/ A list of the best wellness apps.

4/ Have you tried the free 3 month subscription to Apple Music yet? It’s amazing!!

5/ GOOP has very helpfully put together some videos to show you how to fold if you’re following the Kondo method.

6/ I am already SO excited for Painting the Modern Garden: Monet to Matisse which starts at the RA January 2016.

7/ An exceedingly pretty guide to creating a mood board.

8/ I’m entranced by Chanel’s summer beauty range, particularly their mediterranean look.

And now on to Miranda Chats, episode #3!

(Note: If you would like to read the post explaining my January goals, please click here.)

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