London by the Book

I’m so pleased to announce a new project of mine, London by the Book, which is a monthly newsletter that explores an area of London through a work of fiction. I know so many of my readers are London lovers as well as literary anglophiles, so I think you’ll enjoy these monthly letters.

When I first stepped foot in London aged 16, it felt like a homecoming, as I’d traversed the city so frequently in my imagination. I’d walked the streets in company with Holmes & Watson, Bertie Wooster, Mrs Dalloway, the Fossil sisters and so many others. What amazed me was how well the city lived up to my imagined expectations.

My aim through these newsletters is to show you the parts of London immortalised in literature, not only by contemporary novelists, but also by such classic authors as Charles Dickens, Evelyn Waugh and Virginia Woolf. Along the way, I’ll also recommend the best cafes, shops and museums to see in each area.

If you’d like to receive these newsletters, please sign up here. An introductory letter will be sent out this evening, and the first proper ‘London by the Book’ instalment will be delivered to your inbox in March.