Talking Shop | Illyria Pottery, Oxford

Talking Shop | Illyria Pottery, Oxford

In my ‘Talking Shop’ series, I introduce you to some of my favourite independent shops around the UK….

Illyria Pottery, Oxford

After finishing our lunch at Gee’s, Mum and I set off to Illyria Pottery, only a 10 minute walk away in Oxford’s vibrant Jericho. I’d been keen to visit the shop ever since discovering Illyria’s instagram feed many months ago.

Illyria Pottery was first established by Katie Coston in South Carolina in 2008. In 2013, Katie moved to Oxford, where her beautiful ceramics made a welcome addition to the interesting mix of independent businesses in Jericho.

Talking Shop | Illyria Pottery, Oxford

I am always fascinated by pottery; I like to think it’s because my Grandfather worked as a potter for Poole Pottery in Dorset after WW2. Although I have no talent for the art myself, I can certainly appreciate the finished product, and beautiful ceramics have always been a weakness of mine.

Pottery Inspired by Nature

Talking Shop | Illyria Pottery, Oxford

Apparently, Katie draws inspiration from the natural world when creating her ceramics, and she often implements elements of nature into her work, such as pressing shells into clay to create dainty, whimsical little dishes.

Every piece sold in Illyria is created by Katie in her studio, just below the shop. There are also a few items available from other makers that are handmade in the UK: I picked up a lovely bar of soap as part of a hostess gift for a friend.

Talking Shop | Illyria Pottery, OxfordTalking Shop | Illyria Pottery, OxfordTalking Shop | Illyria Pottery, Oxford

We had such a wonderful time browsing Illyria on a sleepy afternoon at the start of September. The atmosphere was peaceful, and we were encouraged to take our time by the very helpful shop assistant, who was happy to tell me more about Illyria Pottery.

I had a lot of trouble deciding what to purchase, especially as I didn’t have much room at all in my suitcase! In the end I settled for a tiny, slate-grey bud vase and a streamlined cup the colour of sea-foam. I so appreciate that Katie puts on emphasis on creating products that are beautiful, but also functional. I can’t wait to have a cup of tea out of my beautiful new mug, and I know the bud vase will be perfect for my desk.

Lucie Maud, the Prettiest Shop Cat

Talking Shop | Illyria Pottery, Oxford

As I was wandering around the shop, I suddenly noticed Illyria’s elegant shop cat, Lucie Maud (I like to think the name is a nod to one of my favourite authors, Lucy Maud Montgomery). With those wide green eyes and pearly white paws, she’s an utter charmer (unsurprisingly, she has her own hashtag)!

Lucie MaudĀ  has a habit of dozing off in the biggest ceramic bowls, which I think is equal parts hilarious and adorable!

Talking Shop | Illyria Pottery, Oxford

I spent such a lovely time shopping at Illyria Pottery, and if you’re ever in Oxford, I definitely recommend paying a visit! There are also lots of fun looking cafes and bars in Jericho, should you fancy a pick-me-up after shopping. I’m already planning a return trip to Oxford so I can explore the Jericho area further.


Illyria Pottery
104 Walton Street
Oxford, UK

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