Hostess Gift Idea: Homemade Chilli Vinegar

Hostess Gift Idea | Homemade Chilli Vinegar | Miranda's Notebook

This is one of the easiest hostess gifts you can make, and it’s perfect to bring if you’re invited to a summer dinner party or BBQ. All you have to do is pick up some nice bottles with corks (although mason jars / old jam jars will also do), a few chillies and some cider vinegar and you’re good to go.

Making chilli vinegar is so simple, I can’t really call it a recipe! Simply place 5 chillies in a sterilised jar and add 500ml of white or cider vinegar (I used cider vinegar) and leave on a sunny windowsill for 3 days. Then, strain the vinegar and pour into individual bottles, adding some fresh chillies to the bottles as desired.

Hostess Gift Idea | Homemade Chilli Vinegar | Miranda's Notebook

Chilli vinegar is delicious to use in a simple vinaigrette dressing, poured over a hot shrimp salad or baked sweet potato chips. The vinegar adds a wonderful kick to the dressing and dish!

You can also make a similar vinegar using herbs instead – simply replace the chilli with whichever herb you like!

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