Friday’s Gratitude List #41

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Quote of the week: ‘A rainy day is like a lovely gift – you can sleep late and not feel guilty.’ – Elizabeth Jane Howard

Happy Friday everyone! As always on a Friday, I’ve reflected on what I’ve been most thankful for this week. Here are my top three:

1/ Being on holiday! Summer holidays started on Wednesday, and I now have 5 weeks of freedom ahead of me. Bliss!

2/ Rainy days. Today has been horrible in London, but I’ve actually been grateful for the bad weather as it’s given me the chance to stay at home and rest. As is typical for all teachers starting a holiday, I’ve suddenly come down with a nasty cold so curling up with a blanket and catching up on TV shows is all that’s on my agenda for today.

3/ Time for iced lattes, great cakes and catch ups with friends. There’s nothing better than heading into London on a weekday afternoon, simply to chat away with a friend at one of my very favourite destinations for terrific cake.

Happy Weekend, everyone! I hope you have a lot of fun planned. I’m meant to be attending a wedding tomorrow, as well as having various friends over on Sunday, so I’d better get back to that sofa + blanket and hope I wake up feeling much more human tomorrow!

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