Friday’s Gratitude List #35


Quote of the week: ‘All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.’  – Friedrich Nietzsche

Happy, happy Friday! I’m so pleased it’s the weekend, but I have to say this week has been a very nice one. Here are the 3 things for which I’ve been particularly grateful over the past 7 days:

1/ A lovely afternoon tea event hosted by Co-op food that I attended in central London. I got to bring an old friend from Uni along with me, which made it even more fun, and we had a tremendous time catching up over champagne and lots of yummy treats.

2/ Going for a beautiful walk through Green Park and St James Park. Recently, I stumbled upon Alice Stevenson’s fascinating book, Ways to Walk in London, and I instantly signed up when I read that Alice was hosting a walk through two of Mayfair’s parks. The walk was so much fun, and it was interesting to realise how little I ever walk for pleasure. Walking in London to me generally means rushing from one place to the next, dodging tourists and negotiating routes on my iphone. It’s far from being a relaxed experience, and the contrast Alice’s walk provided was startling. I’m now inspired to explore a lot more of London’s parks, simply for pleasure!

3/ Home-made cake. This afternoon, I didn’t feel much like doing anything, so I baked a cake. Not a fancy or challenging cake. Just a throw-everything-in-the-bowl-and-mix kind of cake. Simple as it was, it tasted delicious, and if I ever get my act together about videoing myself cooking (rather scary thought), this cake may be the first recipe I do!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! What are your plans? I’m off to a dinner party tonight and am looking forward to heading into London for some brunch & fun tomorrow.

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