Effortless Entertaining | A Great Cheeseboard

Effortless Entertaining | Create the Perfect Cheeseboard

It’s always lovely to have friends over, but sometimes the thought of planning a sophisticated cocktail party or fancy dinner is overwhelming, especially if you’re already busy and tired (and these days, who isn’t?!). When you want to entertain in a low-key, stress-free way then I suggest throwing a wine and cheese party. Here are my tips for creating the perfect cheeseboard

++ Choose at least 3 different types of cheese: one hard (e.g. Comté or smoked cheddar), one soft and mild (brie is a classic for a reason) and one strong (blue or goat). When eating a cheeseboard, it’s usual to always end with the blue. It can be fun to pick a theme too: all English or all Italian cheeses, for example.

++ Think about colours: green and red grapes with dried apricots and / or cherries are a great way to inject aesthetic interest into your platter.

++ Have a mix of salty and sweet flavours : olives and nuts with fresh figs, honey and dark chocolate (goes very nicely with port!).

++ Group foods together on the platter: it’s a good way to section up the platter according to colour and texture and makes it much more visually appealing.

Effortless Entertaining | Create the Perfect Cheeseboard Effortless Entertaining | Create the Perfect Cheeseboard

What are your own tips for creating a great cheeseboard?

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