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Sara Gordon Bloom and Wild InterviewSara Gordon, Brand and Creative Director of Bloom & Wild

I’m a big fan of Bloom & Wild, and I’ve been surprised by many a thoughtful friend who has sent me one of their fabulous letterbox bouquets. It never fails to make my day whenever I see one of their long, thin boxes on the doormat, as I know there’s always a sweet note and a lovely selection of pretty blooms carefully wrapped inside.

I’ve been especially enjoying the latest Bloom and Wild collaboration with one of my favourite London-based florists, Nikki Tibbles of Wild at Heart. The new bouquets are perfect for autumn, with their seasonal blooms showcasing rich, luxurious colours. The Woodland Walk arrangement brightened up my office for weeks!

I was so pleased to meet Sara Gordon, the Brand and Creative Director of Bloom & Wild, at the launch party of the new floral collection, and I was delighted when Sara agreed to answer some of my questions about her career and give me some tips for styling flowers this season.

Sara Gordon Bloom and Wild InterviewRed Skies Bouquet, Bloom & Wild X Nikki Tibbles


MN: Would you tell me a little about yourself and your career? Have you always loved flowers?

SG: I’ve always been a creative at heart and a flower lover. I studied design and psychology at University knowing I’d mix a passion for consumer behaviour with design in the digital age. After working in New York on everything from digital political campaigns to launching haircare lines internationally I became a seasoned digital brand strategist bringing together designers, content creators, social media experts and our clients to grow businesses beautifully.

Having always loved flowers, and their meaning, it really inspires me to come to work every day and be able to say that we’re all collectively working together to help brighten people’s days around the UK, France and Germany through flowers. We’re designing and delivering next generation gifting in the palm of our client’s hands.

Sara Gordon Bloom and Wild InterviewAutumn Mornings Bouquet, Bloom & Wild X Nikki Tibbles

MN: How did you first come to join Bloom and Wild? 

SG: I was actually sent a box of Bloom & Wild letterbox flowers very early when the company started by a friend of mine, Camilla, who was looking to invest. A year or so later she asked me for some help to recruit for my role… so I thought, why not join and help build a brand from the start?

 MN: Would you tell me more about what your role as Brand and Creative Director involves?

SG: Brand starts at our company’s heart – the culture we create internally and the behaviours we have. I look after ensuring that we’re a value-driven company that cares for our customers through a real mission: to make sending and receiving flowers a joy again. This means my team and I look after everything from the copy our Customer Delight team send to clients to the unboxing experience of our flowers to the photography on site and our marketing campaigns. Every day there’s something new to tackle which makes what we do really interesting. I’m currently working on our PR launches for France and Germany and how we make them truly memorable for consumers and journalists – it really stretches my brain to try and think of new experiences with flowers that haven’t been done before!

Sara Gordon Bloom and Wild InterviewWoodland Walk Bouquet, Bloom & Wild X Nikki Tibbles

MN: I absolutely love the Bloom and Wild X Wild at Heart collaboration. Would you tell me about the process in designing a collection together?

SG: Nikki is one of our design muses and we’ve always looked to her floral style for inspiration. It was a dream to work with their team to come up with seasonal collections that change every two months and to really design with stems that push up the luxury element of our letterbox and hand-tied bouquets. We focussed heavily on seasonality and trends puling from fashion and interiors. For example, a year ago small micro-florals were really popular but for Christmas this year its all about dark, big, blousy stems that make a statement. I can’t wait for you to see the next collection!

MN: Do you have a favourite bouquet from the collection?

SG: Hydrangeas are my absolute favourite flower – so it’s Red Skies hands down! Also the idea of burgundy skies in the late autumn… just dreamy.

Sara Gordon Bloom and Wild InterviewRed Skies Bouquet, Bloom & Wild X Nikki Tibbles

MN: What are some of your favourite ways to style flowers in the home for Autumn / Winter? Are there any colour combinations you’re particularly drawn to this season?

SG: In the autumn, I love adding big unruly branches to a huge apothecary jar as a centrepiece, it’s low maintenance and lovely for the home. For sending as a gift, contrasting textures like we’ve got in our Woodland Walk bouquet really makes a unique statement and feels truly seasonal. I always tell friends to find a vase that nips in at the mouth to give the blooms a bit of a lift and a round shape and to criss cross foliage first, then sturdier blooms followed by the really delicate bits popping out ever so slightly.

MN: Finally, what do you enjoy most about being part of the Bloom and Wild team?

SG: My favourite part is the people! We have an outstanding team that is impressive, has grace and grit, and I’m always happy to share a drink with on evenings and weekends. You spend most of your life at work so a mix of people and brightening people’s days with flower delivery keeps me going.


Thank you so much again to Sara for her wonderful answers to my questions. I’m inspired to arrange to track down an apothecary jar for arranging some big hydrangeas or branches of berries!

You can follow Bloom and Wild on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter  and Pinterest. Check out their website and the Bloom & Wild X Nikki Tibbles range.

Note: All photographs used in this post courtesy Bloom & Wild.

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