Christmas at Strawberry Hill House


Christmas at Strawberry Hill House is really a magical sight. If you remember, a few weeks ago, I visited Strawberry Hill House, only to find it was closed. Luckily, though, the house reopened just over the weekend, and I went along to see if it was equally as spectacular inside. I wasn’t disappointed! 

The house was created by the rather eccentric Horace Walpole in the 18th Century and is famed as the finest example of British Georgian Gothic revival architecture . Although sadly all of Horace Walpole’s collection was sold many years ago, leaving the house feeling rather empty, much of its splendour lies in its incredible architecture, grand fireplaces and embellished ceilings.

Strawberry Hill House is splendidly decorated at Christmas time, with no less than four (!) Christmas trees, one of which (in the library) is a book tree. There is even a small ice-skating rink (there until 25th January) at the front of the house, with an ice-cream and hot drinks stand alongside. Few things could have got me in such a Christmassy mood, and it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon before heading out to a festive party.

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I had some difficulty deciding what to wear that day, as I wanted an outfit that would transition well from daytime wear to a casual evening party. I decided on a simple black jersey dress, but dressed it up a bit with an embellished waistcoat and high-heeled ankle boots (although, I must admit, by the evening I was so cold I went for comfort over style and changed into my leather over-the-knee boots, which were much warmer and still worked well with the dress.).

 Outfit details:

{Anthropologie dress (similar here); Chanel waistcoat (similar here or here); Kate Spade earrings; L.K. Bennet ankle boots}