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Miranda Loves: Giles Newman Hand-Carved Spoons

Giles Newman | Hand-Carved Wooden Spoons. These gorgeous spoons would make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

I love instagram because it’s so easy to make fabulous discoveries through this wonderfully visual medium. One such recent discovery is the intricate hand-carved wooden spoons by Giles Newman. His instagram account is gorgeous, and although there isn’t much listed on the Giles Newman Etsy shop at the moment, I’m hoping there will be more soon (but I’m sure requests could be made for particular spoons too, as custom orders are available).

I think there’s something so special about an article that has been handmade in this way, and a Giles Newman spoon would make the most perfect wedding or anniversary gift. These spoons are small works of art that are made to be treasured for a lifetime.

Giles Newman | Hand-Carved Wooden Spoons. These gorgeous spoons would make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. Giles Newman | Hand-Carved Wooden Spoons. These gorgeous spoons would make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. Giles Newman | Hand-Carved Wooden Spoons. These gorgeous spoons would make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift. Giles Newman | Hand-Carved Wooden Spoons. These gorgeous spoons would make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

Which spoon is your favourite (I’m especially taken with the oak leaf)?

Note: all images via Giles Newman Instagram.

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Fall TV Guide

Fall TV Guide

One of my favourite ways to trick myself into thinking I’m taking a break (whilst I’m editing photos or writing something), is to enjoy a TV show or podcast at the same time, and today I thought I’d share the latest TV seasons that I’m excited about this autumn.

++ The Good Wife. This is probably my very favourite TV show. Alicia’s growth through the series has been expertly handled, and there’s an exciting feeling that the show’s characters really have a life of their own. Just as novelists say that their characters end up dictating what is written next, it feels as though this is also the case with The Good Wife, and it keeps every season fresh and engaging.

++ Scandal. Although the plotline of Scandal always tends towards the absurd, I still love it, not least for Kerry Washington’s drop dead gorgeous wardrobe. I do appreciate the way more and more TV shows are placing women firmly in their leading roles (Major Crimes and How To Get Away With Murder also spring to mind), and frankly I find Scandal only becomes a bit of a drag when they linger too long on her romantic entanglements (thank goodness, in the latest episode they managed to refrain from yet more ramblings about making jam in Vermont). Similarly to The Good Wife, Scandal does a good job at fleshing out a range of more minor characters, which definitely adds a lot of interest to the show, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the highflyers of Washington D.C. get up to in this series.

++ Elementary. Although this doesn’t start back until later in the autumn (woe!), I’m really looking forward to the return of Holmes & Watson fighting crime in NYC. Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are excellent together, and I’m hoping the new season does a better job than the last in staying true to their brilliant dynamic (I found the introduction of Kitty pretty annoying last year, so I’m crossing fingers she doesn’t make a reappearance). Again, fashion lovers are in for a treat when watching Elementary: Joan is the ultimate inspiration for chic, laidback style, and I want everything in her wardrobe!

++ The Blacklist. This show is a favourite of mine mainly for James Spader’s performance, which is extraordinary. I have to say, even x series in, I don’t have much of a clue as to what is going on with the overall plot, but I don’t care! This is definitely worth a watch if you’re in the mood for action-packed entertainment.

++ Strictly Come Dancing. I am a huge Strictly fan and am already loving the latest season. I was too busy to watch it last year, so this is the first time I’m properly getting to appreciate the show’s choice of using two female presenters (yay!), and it has definitely made Strictly a whole lot better. I love Tess and Claudia together. This year’s celebrity cast seem incredibly strong, and I’m already rooting for Helen George, who won me over, not only with her lovely dancing, but with her admitting she used to have posters of Darcey Bussell all over her bedroom wall. You and me both, Helen!

++ Outlander. I really enjoyed the first 8 episodes of Outlander, and it was frustrating when they stopped so abruptly. The next 8 are now available on itunes, though, so I’m happily working my way through them. Based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander tells the story of Claire, who has just been reunited with her husband at the end of WW2. On holiday in the Scottish highlands together, Claire stumbles upon a magical rock that transports her back in time to 1743 Scotland, where she becomes embroiled in the Jacobite risings. For various convoluted reasons, she is forced into an arranged marriage with a young Scotsman, Jamie, but soon falls in love with him (and, if I remember the novel correctly, ultimately chooses him over the rather dull husband left in the 20th Century, and I can’t say I blame her). It’s all very silly, but rather fun, and the beautifully filmed Scottish countryside is breathtakingly lovely.

++ Cider With Rosie. This series, based on Laurie Lee’s classic novel, has just started in the UK, and I’m very much looking forward to watching the first episode. It seems the perfect show to watch on quiet evenings when all you want to do it snuggle up with a blanket and hot chocolate.

++ Midwinter of the Spirit. I think Anna Maxwell Martin is a brilliant actress, so I’m tempted to try out her latest TV show, Midwinter of the Spirit, which sounds a little creepy, but should certainly get me in the mood for Halloween!

What shows are you looking forward to this fall?

Note: original image via Pinterest.

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Miranda Loves: Suite One Studio

Miranda Loves: Suite One Studio Ceramics

I have a real weakness for pretty ceramics, and I practically squealed in delight when I discovered Suite One Studio‘s gorgeous collection of handmade tableware. I love designer Lindsay Emery’s choice of delicate colour palettes and feminine details. The ceramics are made by Emery in her studio in North Carolina (but she ships internationally!), and new collections are added every Tuesday to her online shop (the next one is due out on September 29th, so make sure to bookmark the page and check back!). Emery makes each piece without moulds, paints them with a watercolour-inspired glaze and usually adds her signature gold rimmed finish.

From ring dishes, to dessert plates, platters and bowls, it’s exceedingly hard to choose which items I like best, and I can’t wait to look at the new collection.

Miranda Loves: Suite One Studio Ceramics Miranda Loves: Suite One Studio Ceramics Miranda Loves: Suite One Studio Ceramics Miranda Loves: Suite One Studio Ceramics Miranda Loves: Suite One Studio Ceramics

Do you like dainty ceramics too? Does anything from Suite One Studio grab your eye in particular? I’m hoping more ring dishes like this one will be back in stock soon – there couldn’t be a prettier way to keep my jewellery organised and accessible!

All images via: Suite One Studio

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September Top Ten Must Haves 2015

September Top Ten Must Haves

Autumn seems to have arrived early this year, but, although I was sorry to see summer go, I’m starting to enjoy the shorter days and cooler temperatures. I’m looking forward to the leaves changing colour and to having an excuse to put pumpkin into every baked good I make. September can often feel an odd month – no longer summer, not quite autumn, but this year I feel already entrenched in the spirit of Fall and am loving cosy flannel dresses, floppy black hats and glowing candles in the evenings.

Here are my Top Ten Must Haves for September:

1/ The perfect shirt to wear for an apple picking excursion.

2/ Autumn always seems to call for a new hat, and a black fedora goes with exceptionally well with knit dresses and boots.

3/ Ever since noticing Honey & Co serve cake on pretty tiles rather than dessert plates, I’ve wanted to do the same myself. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to hop on a plane to Portugal to pick some up in street markets, but I figure these rather attractive (and currently on sale!) tiles from Fired Earth are the next best thing.

4/ More and more, I’m drawn to pared back basics in jewellery, and I love this bracelet made by Danish designer Pernille Corydon that was inspired by a New York fire escape.

5/ As the nights draw in, I’ve started thinking of getting candlesticks out again. I love this impressive pewter piece from The French House.

6/ Theatre season has started! There’s so much I’m excited to see, but I was especially pleased to snap up tickets to Husbands & Sons the National Theatre. Tickets are selling out very fast to this, so if you fancy going don’t waste any time getting your seats.

7/ In my recent video, I spoke about some magazines I’ve been pleased to discover. One I didn’t mention, but have loved flicking through this week, is The Collective Quarterly. The latest issue certainly puts you in an autumnal frame of mind, with its gorgeous photography featuring beautiful American homes and landscapes wreathed in Fall splendour.

8/ Since I’ve started doing more videos on a regular basis, I’m thinking about getting this microphone which I’ve heard is good for improving sound quality and seems reasonable at £10.

9/ If you’re as much of an Instagram fan as I am, then do I have a revelation for you! Iconosquare allows you to easily track and reply to comments online (no more laborious searching for the person you’re replying – hitting reply automatically includes their name in your post). It’s much easier to comment too, as I for one am much quicker at typing on a keyboard. I only started using iconosquare the past couple of days, but it’s definitely one of my favourite discoveries of the month!

10/ These Jessica Zoob leggings make you feel stylish even when you’re essentially spending a day in your pjs.

What would be your September Top Ten Must Haves? I’d love to know!

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Friday’s Gratitude List #42


Quote of the week: ‘You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.’ ― Maya Angelou

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week. I have to admit, I’ve really struggled with energy levels this week; the after effects of flu can be tough. I’m finally starting to feel some spark come back to life though, and I’m glad to be retuning to my usual routine (it felt odd to not have the regular Gratitude List last week). And this week has made me realise how important it is to believe that ‘you are alone are enough.’ Not thinner, or happier, or smarter or more energetic. Just you. Even on an off week, you’re enough.

Here are my top 3 things for which I’ve been particularly grateful this week.

1/ Beautiful yarn. I couldn’t take a trip to Loop last weekend without coming away with some beautiful wool. I have an idea for a striped linen scarf I want to make, and I’m still trying to sort out the pattern in my mind. It’ll be the first time I try to develop a pattern of my own so I’m excited about it!

2/ Spending more time in the kitchen. I’ve had so much fun messing around in the kitchen and trying out some new recipes this week.

3/ My Dad. Who worked really hard to fix Miranda’s Notebook when it went down earlier in the week. I was having a major panic attack envisaging almost a year’s worth of posts (i.e. the whole blog) just disappearing… Which has forced me to realise I really need a system for backing up photos and blog posts. Do any of you have any advice? My blog is so photo heavy that I find I fill up external hard dives / dropbox etc etc incredibly quickly. Any tips for storing such a vast amount of data safely? I’d definitely appreciate them!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! What are your plans? I’m excited about going to the ballet (La Sylphide) tomorrow!

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Miranda Loves: Anthropologie Kitchen Sale Picks

Anthropologie Sale Picks | Miranda's NotebookRudy Fruit Pie Dish, £16.95

It’s that time of year when I seem to spend far too much time drooling over the Anthropologie sale pages (I’m not alone in this, right?!). I’m a huge fan of their kitchen and home range, and I’ve selected some sale picks that I think are particularly special.

Anthropologie Sale Picks | Miranda's NotebookClambake Cocktail Napkin, £1.95

These nautical cocktail napkins are adorable – perfect for a summer party!

Anthropologie Sale Picks | Miranda's NotebookBibelot Rolling Pin, £7.95

An exceedingly pretty rolling pin that’s perfect for making pastry when baking summery quiches or fruit tarts.

Anthropologie Sale Picks | Miranda's NotebookClementines and Cream Tea Towel, £4.95

This tea towel screams summer to me.

Anthropologie Sale Picks | Miranda's NotebookBotanist Knoll Tablecloth, £52.95

How pretty would this table cloth be for al fresco dinner parties?

Anthropologie Sale Picks | Miranda's NotebookRosie Casserole Dish, £20.95

This casserole dish reminds me of an abstract painting, and I love the pastel tones.

Anthropologie Sale Picks | Miranda's NotebookHabari Table Runner, £26.95

I’m a big fan of table runners, and this one is gorgeous!

What are your favourite picks from the sale?

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Miranda Loves: The Basket Room

The Basket Room | Miranda's Notebook

The Basket Room was founded by Camilla and Holly, two fashion graduates with a love for baskets and for Africa. Inspired by their travels in South and East Africa, they came together to create The Basket Room, a platform that ethically and respectfully connects the handmade products of talented weavers in Ghana and Kenya to a wider audience. I first discovered their beautiful baskets at a design fair, where the bright colours and interesting designs of their products stood out clearly amongst all the other stalls. Here are a few of my favourite woven goods:

The Basket Room | Miranda's NotebookThe Basket Room | Miranda's Notebook{Brightly coloured baskets in a mix of sizes, perfect for any and every kind of storage, with prices ranging from about £9 – £49, depending on size and pattern.}

The Basket Room | Miranda's Notebook{If I had a bike, I couldn’t resist their decorative bike baskets, £55}

The Basket Room | Miranda's Notebook The Basket Room | Miranda's Notebook{Woven bags that are perfect for a trip to the market or beach, or to take on a picnic, £35 – £49.}

The Basket Room | Miranda's Notebook{The perfect bread basket, £28.}

Which are your favourites?

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Monk’s House

Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook

Monk’s House, Virginia and Leonard Woolf’s former home, is one of my favourite places on earth. Nestled in a picture-perfect village in the heart of the Sussex Downs, the National Trust owned property offers a marvellous glimpse into the life of one of Britain’s greatest writers.

When she first viewed the house, Virginia wrote: the rooms are small…the kitchen is distinctly bad. There’s an oil stove, & no grate. Nor is there hot water, nor a bath… These prudent objections kept excitement at bay; yet even they were forced to yield place to a profound pleasure at the size & shape & fertility & wildness of the garden.

Monk’s House garden is indeed everything an English country garden should be, complete with beehives, an orchard, winding paths, a wisteria arch and a writing shed. Walking amongst the pink-tipped blossom, with the bees buzzing and a light breeze stirring, I felt as if I’d stepped back in time to a more tranquil era, when there was space in the day-to-day hum of life for tea in the garden and picnics under trees.

Monk's House | Miranda's NotebookMonk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's NotebookMonk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's NotebookMonk's House | Miranda's NotebookMonk's House | Miranda's NotebookMonk's House | Miranda's Notebook

We spent ages in the garden, sitting on deck chairs in a shady patch of grass and admiring the glorious views. ‘All nature is to be had in 5 minutes,’ said Virginia of the South Downs, and I do see her point: this particular corner of Britain is especially lovely, and it is easy to see why so many writers and painters alike have been inspired by it.

It isn’t just the garden, though, that makes Monk’s House special  – I love the house itself, which is filled with Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant’s instantly recognisable designs and has an atmosphere of calm serenity. Virginia, apparently, was particularly fond of green paint, and the sitting room is painted a remarkable, pistachio ice-cream shade. There is a very lived-in quality to the room: all the usual writing paraphernalia is left out on Leonard’s desk; books are piled on tables and lavender sits drying in bowls. It is as though the Woolfs have just that minute stepped out – perhaps on a walk over to Charleston to see Vanessa and Duncan – and will be back before sunset to take tea in the cosy armchairs by the fire. Incredibly, I can reach out and touch a chair that Virginia perhaps once scraped back in a hurry to leave the dining table.

Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's NotebookMonk's House | Miranda's NotebookMonk's House | Miranda's Notebook

Only the ground floor of the house is viewable to visitors, but happily Virginia Woolf’s bedroom is one of the rooms open to the public and must not be missed. It is a room surrounded by garden, with a door leading direct to the outside. Standing at the doorway, you can look down the whole stretch of the garden to the church tower presiding over the treetops.

‘A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction,’ Virginia famously wrote in A Room of One’s Own. It is easy to imagine that inspiration would fly from the pen in such an appealing room, although apparently it was used as a bedroom alone, rather than a work room, as Virginia was very particular about the height of the table she used to write. Still, such a room would provide a fine refuge at the end of each day.

Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook Monk's House | Miranda's Notebook

Beautiful as Monk’s House is, there is a hint of bitter-sweet poignancy that clings to the air; a touch of sadness that mingles with the echoes of footsteps trodden long ago and the words of Virginia Woolf, which used to reverberate through the house as she read aloud in the bathtub every morning (where the acoustics were good), checking the rhythm to her lines was right. It is impossible not to walk through her former home without remembering the novelist’s tragic end. Equally, though, it is impossible not to feel that, when she could find happiness, she found it here.

Returning to Monk’s House made a memorable end to our recent day in East Sussex, and if you haven’t been yourself, I do urge you to go. It has an incredible atmosphere that is all its own and must be experienced in person for it to truly resonate.

Have any of you visited Monk’s House already? What did you think of it?

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What to do After You’ve Kondoed

What To Do After You've Kondoed | Miranda's Notebook

If you, like the rest of the world, have been ignited by Marie Kondo’s enthusiasm for decluttering, or you’ve simply accomplished your annual Spring Clean, then you may now be faced with a problem: what to do with the bags of stuff you no longer wish to keep?  No one wants to throw things away that, whilst they may no longer ‘bring you joy,’ may be valuable to someone else. The obvious answer is, of course, to donate to charities, but if you once spent the majority of your hard-earned pay cheque on a Max Mara dress that no longer suits you, you may wish to try to get some money back by selling it.

Below, I’ve compiled together suggestions for ways to rid yourself of unwanted items and earn a little money in the process.

1/ Sell it on eBay.

An obvious choice is to sell on eBay. Advantages to this are that there is already a massive potential market for anything you’re selling, and the bidding process can escalate prices much higher than you’d expect. Selling on eBay is definitely time-consuming though, as quality photos and product descriptions are important, let alone dealing with the packing and posting afterwards.

2/ Take a trip to your local secondhand designer shop.

This is a great option for getting rid of high-end clothes if you’re very busy and don’t want the hassle of selling yourself. Give your nearest secondhand designer shop a call and find out if they would be interested in purchasing anything you have to offer and what season of clothing they’re currently buying. You will generally only receive about half of the price asked for in the shop, but it’s a pretty painless way to make some extra cash.

3/ Throw a party!

The most fun option is to throw a selling party and invite all your friends (and interested friends of friends). Arrange everything you want to sell artistically in your living room and serve inexpensive treats like tea with scones, jam and cream. How you go about the pricing is completely up to you: you could set a ‘ticket’ price, that lets people in at the door and allows them to come away with, for example, up to 2 items (with every additional item costing x amount), or you could price everything individually. If you’re uncomfortable asking for money, you could instead label clothes with a suggested donation to a charity of your choice. Or, if you have a particular project in mind – for instance, if you’ve just started a blog! – you could ask your friends to recommend your blog to a person they think would enjoy it, in exchange for every item they take. Remember, though, that if you have a lot of clothes to sell, then the majority of your friends would need to be the same size as you!

4/ Join selling networks popular with fashionistas.

If you have a lot of clothes you’ve cleared out of your closet, or if you regularly buy new clothes, then it may be a good idea to set up a shop on a platform such as Depop or ASOS Marketplace. These sites are very popular with fashion hungry 20 somethings, which again guarantees you a ready-made marketplace, but, as with eBay, you will have to invest time into running your ‘shop’ and making products look as inviting as possible. These types of sites also tend to take a commission from your earnings.

5/ Set up a swapsie site.

If you have friends who are also wishing to declutter, then setting up your own swapsie site may be a way to exchange items, or even skills. Ok, so this isn’t a way to make money from your stuff, but you will at least be trading for something that is valuable to you. I’d be pretty happy to give away some tops in exchange for some lessons on photoshop and photography, for instance!  A friend of mine set up such a site (which is essentially a private blog), of which I’m a member, and I think it’s a great idea. You can list whatever products, skills or services you have to offer and then see if you want to contact anyone to make an exchange. I admit, I haven’t posted much yet, as I’ve not got around to photographing products, but this is definitely amongst the (scarily long) list of things to do over the summer (when apparently I’ll have the time to do everything I ever wanted to do. I definitely build up summer holidays too much!).

I’m planning a massive clear out (over the summer, naturally), and I’d love to know – what are your favourite ways to dispose of your once loved items?

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A Chat With: Sophie Knight, Omnis Owner

Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook{Sophie Knight, owner of Omnis, Brixton}

Perhaps you’ll remember my recent day out in Brixton, where I had a fabulous time eating my way around Brixton Village and discovering the gorgeous lifestyle shop Omnis (where I bought the clutch bag featured in this post)?

I was so delighted when the charming and awe-inspiringly stylish owner of Omnis, Sophie Knight, sent me a sweet email to say thank you for mentioning her shop in my blog post and that she was glad I’d loved Omnis so much. I’d been so impressed by the beautifully curated collection of fashion and homeware items displayed in the shop, that I jumped at the opportunity to find out a little more about the history and ethos behind Omnis and asked Sophie if she’d mind being interviewed for a feature on Miranda’s Notebook. I was thrilled when she said yes! As you know, I love tracking down London’s best independent shops, cafes and restaurants, and my favourite part is getting to share them all with you, so I do hope you enjoy this feature.

Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook

Happily for me, the lovely photographer, blogger and Brixton-dweller, Siobhan, came along with me to take some pictures of the shop whilst I chatted to Sophie. Siobhan has really captured the shop perfectly, and it’s easy to see why Omnis, although only opened last December, is already such a big hit amongst Brixton locals. Below, I’ve summarized all that Sophie told me about herself and the shop:

omnisbeginningInterview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook

The shop’s name, omnis, means ‘all and everything,’ and it truly does have a little of everything that will appeal to all. Sophie said she is a fan of the lifestyle industry, and her shop reflects this: walking into it is rather like having a 3D experience of your favourite lifestyle magazine or blog, surrounded as you are by all things beautiful and impeccably styled. Sophie told me that she started her career as a window stylist, working for several years for fashion institutions such as Ralph Lauren and Aquascutum. Her experience as a stylist is obvious in the beauty of her shop, where a minimalist white and grey setting allows the products to shine.

Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook

Omnis stocks a variety of cards, jewellery, cushions, ceramics, pretty accessories and household goods, as well as a selection of vintage clothing. Sophie takes pride in stocking independent designers, many of which are London based, and, when I visited, all but one were from the UK. It was clear from speaking to her, that supporting independent designers and creatives is a real passion for Sophie, and she loves scouring markets, trade fairs and Etsy to discover new products for the shop. Examples of some of the designers stocked are: This is Lullaby, Samantha Warren and Grease & Tin (you can see the full list here).

Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook

If you’re a fan of vintage clothing, then I’d definitely suggest popping by Omnis, as there’s a wonderful rail full of treasures from Sophie’s own vintage collection, as well as bits and pieces she’s found in her travels around London markets.

omnisInterview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook

I always admire people who pursue their dream, and Sophie is a great example in successfully managing to set up her own shop. I was curious to ask her what she found were the pros and cons of working for herself and running her own business. Sophie said the number one thing she loves about being a shop owner is getting to meet new people, whether they are her customers or the designers she works with. She loves the buzz of the shop on a Saturday when Brixton is bustling and she gets to see plenty of customers, both old and new.  Never being late, as in the end you’re the one who sets the opening hours, is also, according to Sophie, a huge plus of running your own business!

Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's NotebookInterview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook

Lovely as it is to interact with lots of customers, Sophie said a con of the job is taking any negative remarks too personally. Feeling guilty over taking any time off is another problem, and one I can well relate too! Even though my blog is in no way my business, it’s easy to get sucked in to thinking I should always be doing more, especially as I do love it so much. Sometimes, though, you really do just need to take a day off!omnis2Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook

When I asked Sophie about her future plans for Omnis, I was excited to hear she is intending to stock a wider range of items for men, as well as a selection of plants and flowers. Omnis is already a beautiful shop, but a selection of gorgeous plants will only make it more lovely.

Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook

I also think it’s a great idea to include more stock geared toward men. I’m always in despair when I try to find original gifts for the men in my life, but I have a feeling Sophie’s picks will solve a lot of my problems. I’m looking forward to dropping by the shop whenever I’m in the area, and I can’t wait to see it continue to grow and evolve.

omnis3Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook

Finally, I asked Sophie what her recommendations were for the best eats in Brixton. I was happy she mentioned the fabulous Salon, but she also told me about some places I haven’t been to and am now chomping at the bit to try out:

++ Rosie’s Deli Cafe  for a comforting lunch after a big night out!

++ Fishwings & Tings for incredible Caribbean food.

++ Casa Morita for fresh, delicious Mexican dishes.

Interview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's NotebookInterview with Sophie Knight, Omnis | Miranda's Notebook

I had so much fun chatting with Sophie and hearing all about the story behind Omnis. She is such a lovely person and a real joy to talk to – I highly recommend looking out for her and saying hello if you’re ever in the shop!

Shop Details:
431 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LN
Telephone: 02033029989
Blog: www.
Twitter: @OmnisBrixton

Do you enjoy shopping in independent shops too? Which are your favourites? I’d love to know!

Photography by Siobhan Watts.

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