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The Perfume Society Workshop

Version 2

I absolutely LOVE perfume and have an embarrassingly large number of beautiful bottles of the stuff in my bathroom cupboard, by my bedside, on my desk, artistically arranged on my dresser…in fact, wherever you are in my flat, you’re bound to be only a few feet away from a bottle of scent. I wear different fragrances for work, weekends, evenings and when I go to bed. I am seriously addicted!

You can imagine, then, how excited I was last Saturday to attend The Perfume Society‘s How To Improve Your Sense of Smell workshop, held at the fantastic perfume shop Les Senteurs (another gem of Portman Village). I know I’ve raved about my love for The Perfume Society before, but honestly, if you’re a fan of the smelly stuff, then I’d definitely recommend becoming a member. My membership (£25 for the year) has brought me so much joy already, largely through the fantastic events I’ve been able to attend. The Lankaran Forest party was the best event I’ve ever been to, and the How to Improve Your Sense of Smell workshop made for a truly fabulous Saturday afternoon. Better yet, both these events were free!

The Perfume Society Workshop | Miranda's Notebook

I’d never been to Les Senteurs before, and goodness, it is beautiful! Mum (who is also a Perfume Society member) and I had arrived a little early, so we spent some time wandering around the charming shop and sniffing rapturously at lots of delicious scents. I was especially excited to see an extensive collection of Frederic Malle perfumes. I’d heard about Frederic Malle many times before (his Carnal Flower seems to have rather a cult following amongst the lifestyle / beauty blogger crowd), but had never had the chance to try his perfumes before. Frederic Malle scents are special in that emphasis is placed, not on branding, but on the ‘nose’ behind the perfume: each of the fragrances are created by a well-known perfumer, and their name is placed upon the bottle. I instantly fell for Carnal Flower (an exquisite tuberose) and Portrait of a Lady (a floral oriental with surely the best name ever, especially for book lovers!). Interestingly, both these scents were made by the same perfumer – Dominique Ropion. Obviously, I’m an admirer of his work! Sadly, Frederic Malle perfumes are definitely not cheap, but luckily Les Senteurs sells 10ml phials, so I was able to pick up a couple to try out and decide which I liked best before spending a great deal more money.

The Perfume Society Workshop | Miranda's Notebook

I really must point out that the service at Les Senteurs is impeccable. It would be easy to feel intimidated in the shop, as there are no price lists on display, but fortunately, this only encourages interaction with the staff, who are absolutely lovely and not in the least pretentious. I always feel that quality of service can really make or break a shopping experience, and the lovely people at Les Senteurs played a big part in making the afternoon fantastic. If you’re an absolute perfume novice, but are dying to find a scent that suits you, then I’d suggest Les Senteurs would be a brilliant place to start, as, from my experience, the service is incredibly knowledgable, respectful and fun!

The Perfume Society Workshop | Miranda's Notebook

But back to the workshop! At the start we were all led downstairs, where tables and chairs were set up. As a guest of The Perfume Society, you really are made to feel pampered: plates of delicious chocolate biscuits and jugs of water were placed on all the tables, and everyone was offered their choice of tea or coffee. A pretty, brightly coloured Perfume Society Notebook, with a mini Green & Black’s Maya Gold chocolate bar strategically centred on the top, was placed in front of each chair. The point of the chocolate was soon made clear: in a fun experiment to see how much sense of smell really affects taste, we were told to hold our noses as we chewed a square of chocolate. As soon as we let our noses go, the sudden burst of flavour from the chocolate was quite astonishing.

The Perfume Society Workshop | Miranda's Notebook

I had actually been a little nervous of the event, as I don’t think I have a great sense of smell and always seem to find it difficult to pinpoint specific scents. I don’t much enjoy wine tastings, as I always seem to get the wine completely wrong. When most people talk about smelling notes of pear and apple, I’m often thinking the wine smells of tinned asparagus!

To my joy, though, the perfume workshop wasn’t about trying to pinpoint the different elements of each of the scents we tested blind. Instead, we were told to simply have a sniff and then jot down in our notebooks the thoughts, memories, pictures and emotions that each perfume conjured in our mind’s eye. As the leader of the workshop (a lovely lady whose name I sadly cannot remember) said, smell is so closely linked to our feelings and memories, that it is more important, when picking a perfume, to concentrate on what that perfume makes you think of, or how it makes you feel, then the exact ingredients within it. This experiment was so much fun, and I definitely recommend trying it yourself with any perfume samples you have at home! For me, one light, fresh perfume conjured a vision of newly washed white linen blouses flapping in the breeze on a washing line; whilst another made me think of the words: ‘bouquet of flowers, lilac ribbon, string of pearls and cameo brooch.’ The latter perfume turned out to be Ruth Mastenbroek’s Amorosa (pictured above), which was my favourite of the three perfumes we tested.

The Perfume Society Workshop | Miranda's Notebook

What was really fascinating, was how often people had similar reactions to the scents. One fragrance conjured up the image of an old dressing up box stored in the attic for a few people, and another made several think of a mechanic carrying oily rags (this was definitely my least favourite perfume…)! The atmosphere was friendly and intimate, with less than 20 people at the event, and at the end everyone got out their favourite perfume which we’d been asked to bring along and we all had fun exchanging our perfume stories and smelling each other’s favourites.

The Perfume Society Workshop | Miranda's Notebook

I honestly had the best afternoon at this event, and I can’t wait to attend more. Are you a fan of perfume? Do you have a favourite? In case you’re interested, the one I brought to the event was Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre (not that I have only one favourite perfume, but I find this is the perfume I reach for on a daily  basis the most at the moment).

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April Top Ten Must Haves


My April Top Ten Must Haves seem to involve lots of pastel colours, flowers and pretty art, but I feel that’s appropriate for a month in which spring is in full bloom.

1/ I keep pouring over the gorgeous new Sandro collection, and I’m particularly in love with this dress.

2/ Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom and Honey body cream has the most delicious spring-like scent and is perfect for getting you ready for bare leg weather!

3/ This pretty Eric Ravilious tea towel from the Dulwich Picture Gallery shop brightens up the kitchen and may even inspire some alfresco dining.

4/ A bunch of tulips is such a lovely spring treat to yourself.

5/ This book is on my spring reading list.

6/ My favourite Elderflower cordial for a refreshing spring drink.

7/ Some colouring pencils to inspire you to get outside and do some sketching

8/ Tickets to the glorious Inventing Impressionism exhibition at the National Gallery – an absolute must-see!

9/ I’m absolutely loving my new, floral-inspired, iphone cover. Cressida Bell’s designs are always beautiful, and I they think make gorgeous phone cases, as well as scarves!

10/ These Branksome China white and pastel mugs are the perfect shades for spring.

View my previous monthly Top Ten Must Haves here.

What are your April must haves? Do please let me know what you’ve been loving (or coveting) this month!

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Friday’s Gratitude List #27

The Perfume Society Prize | Miranda's NotebookQuote of the week: “In every step that I have taken in life, I have been accompanied by an exquisite perfume.” – C. JoyBell C. 

Happy, happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and are enjoying your start to the weekend. Everyone seems in a sunnier mood at the moment, reflecting the lovely weather London has been getting, and that’s definitely helped to make my week great! Here are 3 other things for which I’ve been particularly grateful:

1/ A marvellous perfume prize. On Wednesday, I was personally delivered my prize from The Perfume Society that I won last week, which meant that I got full sized bottles of everything in their latest perfume sample box, Making Memories. I’m so thrilled with it all and have been trying as many perfumes as possible over the past few days. So far, my favourite is Precious One by Angela Flanders – I now so want to go to her shop on Columbia Road!

2/ Early starts to the day. This week, I started a 30 day challenge to get up at 5am every morning, in order to fit more of what I love into my day (which, for the moment, is predominately exercise and writing, but I’d gradually like to make time to improve my photography and embroidery skills as well.). I’m pretty proud that I’ve stuck to my 5am rise everyday this week, and I’m feeling great! Let’s see how the next 25 days go!

3/ A day trip to Cambridge. As I write this, I’ll soon be off to catch a train to Cambridge, where I’m attending Priya Palmer’s talk on her fabulous novel, Vanessa & Her Sisteras part of the Cambridge Literary Festival. I’ve so enjoyed the book and am in awe of the amount of research Priya must have put into it, so I can’t wait to hear more about her writing process and thoughts on the Bloomsbury Group. Happily, a friend of mine is joining me in Cambridge, so it’ll be fun to have a catch up and explore the beautiful city together.

What are your plans for the weekend? I’m looking forward to a day spent in Brixton and meeting up with Siobhan tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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Spring Beauty Picks

Spring Beauty Picks | Miranda's Notebook

With spring fast approaching (we’re into March! Hooray!), I’ve been busy rummaging through my bathroom cabinet and pulling out my favourite products for the season. The transition from winter to spring can be tricky, but I think one of the best ways to start the change is through make-up. While it’s still definitely too cold to discard our winter coats, a pretty pink lip balm and eyeshadow palettes that incorporate corals, blues, greens and metallics can go a long way in making your ‘look’ feel fresh and new.

Here are some of my top spring beauty picks to ease my transition from winter:

1/ Jo Malone’s White Jasmin and Mint perfume has a deliciously fresh and floral scent that is perfect for early spring.

2/ I love this Chanel eyeshadow palette to freshen up my look.

3/ As the days get warmer, I like to have an increasingly low-maintenance look and switch to a tinted moisturiser over foundation. Laura Mercier’s is my favourite.

Spring Beauty Picks | Miranda's Notebook

4/ As you know, this tinted lip balm is rarely out of my handbag – it’s perfect for a slight touch of pink.

5/ Korres products have been a fairly new discovery to me, thanks to a friend who recommended them. I absolutely love their Guava Body Butter and Shower Gel, which smell delicious and are helping to get my rather scaly arms ready for when they’ll see the light of day again!

6/ My skin is always dry after having suffered through numerous colds and biting winds, and this Chantecaille mask offers great hydration.

Spring Beauty Picks | Miranda's Notebook

7/ Another skincare life-saver is Colbert’s MD face oil which is brilliant at bringing back that youthful glow.

8/ Chanel’s Ballerina and May nail polishes are my favourites for spring.

9/ This body mist is wonderfully refreshing and makes your skin feel and smell incredible.

What are your top spring beauty picks?

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Handbag Essentials


Perhaps I’m an especially nosy person, but I’m always fascinated by what people carry around in their handbag. In the past, I’ve greatly enjoyed reading ‘what’s in my bag?’ style posts on other blogs, so I thought it would be fun to do my own!

As you can tell, I’m far from minimalist in what I consider to be handbag essentials (and yet I never seem to be that pulled together girl who remembers a hairbrush, sigh). I’m definitely more of the Mary Poppins type (I do admit, though, that the handbag pictured in these pictures doesn’t have the magical proportions of the Poppins bag; I generally cart about one much bigger, but for the sake of pretty pictures I’ve opted for this much daintier piece).

Here, then, are a few items I hate to leave the house without.


*A bespoke coin purse that doubles up as a key chain. Perfect for saving space, as you can fit a few coins, a note or two and your bank card snugly inside.

*A personalised chocolate biscuit mirror. I love Nikki McWilliams products, and these personalised pocket mirrors are so sweet.

*Chunky earrings to transform a daytime look into evening wear.

*A pretty hanky.

*A fun necklace (in case I forget to put one on in the morning). Another Nikki McWilliams piece!

*A fresh, neutral scent. I love Jo Malone’s grapefruit cologne as an easy, everyday scent that isn’t too overpowering.

*Burt’s Bees Pink Blossom tinted lip balm. I love these lip balms, as they give your lips a touch of colour (and a lot of moisture), without the fuss of applying lipstick.


*I hate being cold, so will always carry a scarf with me. At the moment, I’m loving the pretty pastels of this Ted Baker scarf which make me think of spring (here’s a very pretty similar one).

*My iphone (in my favourite Kate Spade case, but I also love this one.).

*A notebook and pen.

*My oyster card and various Museum membership cards.

*Burt’s Bees hand salve (works wonders on my poor, dry hands).

*A wrap bracelet. Again, perfect for transitioning an outfit from day to night, as is a bright red lipstick.

*A mini mascara (great freebie from Dior).

*My favourite Jane Austen novel.

 {Items not pictured: packet of tissues; scrunched up Costa napkin; numerous ibuprofen tablets scattered at bottom of bag, along with assortment of indeterminate crumbs, a smashed breath mint and the odd penny (never a pound, alas); dozens of receipts; an extremely old, worn hair tie and a (still not posted!) Birthday card}

I’d love to know – what items are essentials for your handbag?

Valentine Gifts For Her


This Valentine Gifts For Her gift guide is the perfect inspiration for a romantic gesture, gifts for your single girl friends, or for a treat to yourself. After all, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t solely be left to those in relationships!

1/ Thornback & Peel ladybird heart hanky box (£17.95).

2/ Cambridge Satchel Co is currently offering free heart embossing, and this pale pink bag is so sweet (£95).

3/ Deliver beautiful rose and raspberry macarons straight to her door (£22).

4/ My favourite Rose Perfume (£72) – the perfect scent for Valentine’s Day.

5/ London florist Jane Packer’s adorable Rose Sundae Hat Box (£55) is a stunning way to make someone feel special.

6/ This ring is as pretty as it’s romantic (£115).

7/ A beautiful photography book of the City of Love (£10.99).

8/ My heart yearns for these heart-shaped Kate Spade sunglasses (£139.42).

9/ A sweet t-shirt to say ‘bee mine’ (€24.95). Oh, and this card would be adorable with it.

10/ Rococo’s Roses are Red, Violets are Blue chocolate box (£22.50).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gift guide. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my Valentine Gifts For Him guideso be sure to check back for that!

School Prints Series at Mascalls Gallery


On Saturday, I had a fabulous time attending the Private View of School Prints: Art for the 1940s Classroom, the latest exhibition at the charming Mascalls Gallery in Paddock Wood, Kent. I’d had so much fun seeing the Ed Kluz exhibition at the gallery back in October (see my review of it here), that I knew I was in for a fabulous time. This weekend, though, I thought it would be fun to make the most of the beautiful Kent countryside that surrounds the gallery and explore the area a little more.

So saying, Mum and I drove off early-ish on Saturday, so as to arrive in time for lunch at the The Poet at Matfield, a delightful pub very close to the gallery, which had been recommended to us previously, but had been completely booked when we’d tried to go for dinner. It’s easy to see why this pub is so popular: as soon as we stepped through the door, we were enveloped in an atmosphere of cosy tranquility, as the pub’s wood burning ovens glowed merrily and we were warmly welcomed by the attentive staff. The Poet is filled with comfy nooks that make it tempting simply to curl up with a book and while away the afternoon.

mascallsgallery4 mascallsgallery13 mascallsgallery7 mascallsgallery14 mascallsgallery15

I made a bee-line for a table by one of the stoves and settled in happily to peruse the menu, read up a little on the School Print exhibition and enjoy a glass of wine. The specials board had lots of tempting options (I saw people having the burger and the sausage and mash, both of which looked delicious), but I find it hard to resist fish when I’m out (as for some reason I rarely cook it at home – must correct that!), so decided on hake with fondant potato, spinach, samphire and oyster cream. It was delicious! Mum went for beef fillet with wild mushrooms, salsify and red wine jus, which she said was wonderful too, and for dessert we shared lemon posset with apricot sorbet and flapjack. Yum!


After enjoying our lovely meal, it was time to head off to the gallery for the start of the private view. On arriving at Mascalls, we were greeted by the lovely curator, Rebecca Hone, and offered a drink (prosecco for me, orange juice for Mum who was doing the driving!).


Rebecca is always so kind and friendly, and I very much enjoyed getting to chat to her a little about the exhibition and some of the upcoming talks, which I’d love to attend.

The exhibition itself is a sheer delight. Not only does it offer a truly fabulous collection of prints, from artists such as Matisse, Picasso and Lowry, but the story behind this series of lithographs is also rather wonderful.  Soon after WW2, Brenda Rawnsley oversaw the establishment of the School Prints scheme, in an effort to widen children’s access to art. Described as a beautiful and charming woman, and possessed with great determination, Brenda Rawnsley successfully commissioned British artists such as Lowry and Henry Moore to contribute to the series of lithographs, which were then sold (at as low a price as possible) to participating schools. Fueled by her desire for a more international representation of artists, Brenda Rawnsley then travelled to Europe with a portable press, managing to persuade world-famous artists, including Picasso and Matisse, to take part in the scheme. I love the story that, posing in a (no doubt, very becoming) bathing suit and sunhat, Brenda placed herself strategically in a spot she knew Picasso bathed everyday. It took little time for Picasso to introduce himself and invite her to lunch, during which Brenda could bring up the School Prints scheme and enlist his support. Sadly, although well received by art critics and children, educationalists were less than impressed by Brenda’s French prints (considering them too avant-garde), and the School Prints scheme dissolved.

FullSizeRender (2){Brenda Rawnsley in her office}

As a teacher myself, I can only admire someone who strove to democratise art and bring beautiful, original works into the classroom to inspire young minds. Brenda Rawnsley was certainly a woman ahead of her time, and I feel privileged to have been able to see such a fascinating exhibition. Let me take you on a little tour of it:

mascallsgallery36 mascallsgallery39 mascallsgallery16 mascallsgallery18 mascallsgallery21mascallsgallery41mascallsgallery17 mascallsgallery20 mascallsgallery35 mascallsgallery37 mascallsgallery34 mascallsgallery19 mascallsgallery38

If you’re near the area, or fancy a day trip out of London, I can’t recommend going enough! The prints are so gorgeous to see in the flesh (and reproductions of them are available to purchase – I only wish I could have afforded one!), and it’s free entry to the exhibition which is fabulous. School Prints is on until 14th March so you’ve got quite a bit of time to plan your outing! If you can’t make it to the exhibition, do listen to this Radio 4 clip which adds some fascinating detail to the story of Brenda Rawnsley and the School Prints series.

Having wandered round and examined all the prints thoroughly, Mum and I then decided to head for home, although first we made a slight detour to All Saints’ Church in Tudeley. This church is apparently the only one in the world to have all its windows decorated by the brilliant Russian artist Marc Chagall. Small and unprepossing on the outside, the church is truly incredible within, with its 12 glorious stained glass windows. How amazing to have such a treasure trove of artistic delight in a tiny village in Kent!

We arrived at the church just as the sun was setting, so that it glinted in gloriously through the windows, and the surrounding countryside lit up for a moment in a pinky glow. It felt such a special ending to a fabulous day.

mascallsgallery27 mascallsgallery24 mascallsgallery26 mascallsgallery25 mascallsgallery28 mascallsgallery30 mascallsgallery29 mascallsgallery31 mascallsgallery32

This year, I’m determined to explore the UK outside of London more, even if only as day trips. I think this outing marked a fabulous start!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too. What did you do? Did any of you see an exhibition you can recommend, or go somewhere a little different to your usual haunts?

Outfit Details:

{Vintage Chanel jacket; Helmut Lang t-shirt (from previous season – similar here); Massimo Dutti trousers; Alex Monroe earrings and necklace; Pretty Ballerina boots (similar here); Tamara Fogle bag (sold out, but similar here)}

My Everyday Skincare Routine and a Chanel Giveaway

chanelgiveaway{Scroll to bottom for giveaway details}

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend who said she was too embarrassed to ever leave the house without a full coverage of makeup. Having this conversation inspired me to write a post on my own everyday skincare routine. Skincare is a real passion of mine; much as I love makeup, I believe firmly in putting the most attention into taking care of your skin. It will definitely thank you!

I know my friend isn’t the only one of us who panics at the thought of facing the world makeup free. I think it’s such a shame that so many people (men and women alike) often suffer serious anxiety and insecurity because of their skin. I would hate to feel I couldn’t be seen in public without makeup. Although I always think makeup is great, there are many situations when I don’t wear it, or wear a swipe of mascara at most, and I hope to encourage everyone to take ownership of their skincare so they can take pride in their foundation-free countenance!


People often question me about my everyday skincare routine, and I assure them there’s nothing magical to the process! I do, however, follow a few simple skincare rules that I feel would help everyone, regardless of their skin type:

Skincare Rules

Stay out of the sun as much as possible and always wear adequate sunblock. This is my single most important rule! Sun is terrible for your skin (I’ve witnessed people close to me suffer from skin cancer) and really ageing. I know a bronzed physique is all the rage, but it’s honestly not worth it. Your 45 year old self will thank me!


Watch what you drink. Already at 28, I’m beginning to see the difference between people who partied like crazy at uni, and those who were a little more restrained. Excessive alcohol is really hard on your skin. If you want to get a bit of glow back for winter, I recommend cutting out all alcoholic beverages for a couple of weeks (mocktails are yummy!). I’m no angel and I like my wine, but I always try to drink a glass of water alongside. It’s a good policy to bear in mind: for every drink you order, ask for a glass of tap water on the side too. This is the same for any dehydrating beverage, like coffee or tea: for every cup you drink, match it with a glass of water.


Invest in your skincare. In the above picture, I’ve shown my favourite skincare products that I use everyday. These products are not cheap, but they suit my skin (which is very sensitive), last for ages, and I know that as long as I use them regularly, I won’t suffer from particularly problematic skin. I can assure you, it took me years to figure out which products suit my skin best, and I do not have naturally great skin. I have rosacea on my cheeks and get an oily t-zone, but by using fantastic products and sticking to my skincare routine, I’ve hugely improved my skin over the years and am happy with its condition. Whatever your budget, try to go for the best quality products you can afford (I’ll be sharing my favourite products that are a little more reasonably priced, and that I use when I want to cut down on expenses, in another post soon.).


Stick to your skincare routine religiously, day and night. I cannot emphasise enough how important this is. However tired I am, I never  go to bed without taking off all my makeup and properly cleansing and moisturising my face. If I ever skip this, I can almost guarantee I’ll get a spot the next day. Truly, there really is no magic to great skin.  A lot of it is simply down to putting the time in, so when next you’re tempted to roll into bed at 2am without washing your face, or just want to reach for a baby wipe to clean off the makeup quickly, stop! Take the time to go through your skincare routine properly. You’ll look much better for it the next morning!


Don’t be scared to mix and match products. My daily skincare routine doesn’t just incorporate one particular product line. Remember, if you love the cleanser of a particular beauty company, that doesn’t necessarily mean their moisturiser will suit you the best too. It’s a good idea to test out several different companies and mix and match your favourite products so you develop a skincare routine that is unique and perfectly matches your skin’s needs. Here’s what I do everyday, but remember – everyone’s skin is different, and you need to find what is right for you (I do honestly recommend all of these products though, and anyone I know who has tried them loves them too!):

Morning routine:

I wash my face using a Chantecaille foaming cleanser; next I spray my Chantecaille rosewater toner over my face and pat it in with cotton pads, patting quickly and lightly, especially over any area where fine lines are starting to appear (around eyes, on forehead); I apply a serum (either the Chantecaille or 001 Skincare ones are fantastic; I tend to alternate between them each day) all over my face, eyes and neck; on top I rub in Chanel’s Le Jour cream, then my Chantecaille moisturiser.

Evening routine:

I take off my eye makeup using this remover; again I cleanse my face, apply serum, Chanel’s Nuit cream and this face oil (wonderful if you suffer from dry skin).


As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I’m skincare obsessed and could talk on and on about it for hours. Partly as a thank you if you’ve made it through this incredibly long post, and partly to hope to encourage you to branch out and try some different skincare products, I’m holding a giveaway on instagram!

A few months ago, I bought Chanel’s latest trio set of serums: Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend, and I absolutely love them! They really help to make my skin look translucent and glowing. I also bought a travel sized set of all three (pictured above), which I haven’t used myself and which I thought would be great for a skincare related giveaway.


To enter the giveaway: simply repost the image immediately above on instagram, using the hashtag #mirandasnotebookgiveaway ; follow me (@mirandasnotebook) on instagram and tell me about one of your own favourite skincare products. I shall announce the winner on December 1st, as a nice Christmassy surprise. Good luck! 

Please note, this is in no way a sponsored post – I genuinely love this product, which is what makes me eager to share it!

I’m very interested to hear your thoughts on skincare – do you feel it’s as important as I do? Do you follow a regular skincare routine? What are your favourite tips & tricks for great skin?

Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

I’m thrilled to announce my everyday smokey eye makeup tutorial! I’ve so enjoyed doing my Miranda’s Makovers that I felt filming some video tutorials would be a lot of fun too. I have to say though, this video very nearly didn’t make it for so many reasons. As soon as I started looking into creating youtube videos and reading (or watching) advice from vloggers, I was horrified by how complicated the process seemed to be! Youtube pros all seemed to have studio lights, screen backdrops, fancy camera gear, background music that didn’t infringe copyright laws and complicated looking film editing tools. OK, I decided, maybe I’ll attempt a video 2 years down the line! I’m so eager though to share the beauty tips and tricks I have picked up over the years, that in end I thought oh, what the hell, filmed myself by a window with my ipad and didn’t edit at all! I apologise, therefore, for the rather amateur quality (and lack of background music), but I hope you still find this video useful.

makeuptutorial{Makeup used: Chantecaille eyeshadow palette; Chanel mascara (prune colour), eyeliner, eyebrow palette and lip gloss (21 Distinction); Nars ponytail brush (similar here)}

Now we’re truly into autumn, I love to do a smokey eye look as part of my regular daily makeup routine. The deep purple and coppery coloured shades I’ve used look lovely with all eye colours, but I think are especially great for brown or green eyes. With a bit of practice, this is an easy and effortless look to recreate. I hope you get some inspiration from the video, and do please let me know if you have any questions or requests for other beauty / skincare tutorials you would like me to do.

Is a smokey eye a look you like to do yourself? Do you have any tricks I’m missing to get that soft, smokey quality?

The Perfume Society Giveaway


As an extra post before today’s main blog entry goes live, I wanted to let you all know that I’m hosting a great giveaway over on my other blog, Old Fashioned Girls, today. The Perfume Society is offering 5 subscriptions to their site to OFG readers. Do you remember my post about discovering The Perfume Society and the wonderful book, The Perfume Bible, here? So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my subscription to the Society, which I purchased as a birthday treat to myself, and I wanted to let you all have the chance to become a  member too. As a subscriber (which would normally cost £25), you are sent a perfume ‘discovery box,’ as well as being invited to great perfume events in London and across the UK and lots of other lovely things. For more about The Perfume Society and how to enter the giveaway, take a look here.

Good luck!