Brenda McIntosh Shares Her Secret Seven London

Brenda McIntosh Shares Her Secret Seven London

An Insider’s Guide to London

This post is part of my Secret Seven London series, where I ask my favourite London instagrammers to share their top seven London locations that are a little off the beaten track.

London is full of beautiful destinations to explore, and I’m always so excited when I uncover a new gem, so I hope my readers will find this series as inspirational as I do! Get ready to fill your Little Black Book with some of London’s best kept secrets…

Brenda McIntosh’s Secret Seven London

Brenda McIntosh Shares Her Secret Seven LondonBrenda McIntosh

I first met Brenda through her former job at the flower company, Bloom & Wild, and we instantly bonded over our mutual love of flowers! Originally from Seattle, Brenda moved to London a few years ago, and I was so delighted when she agreed to share some of her best-loved haunts with Miranda’s Notebook readers.

Brenda recently relaunched her lifestyle blog, Somedays and Sundays, which is a delightful mix of fashion and travel. I always admire Brenda’s terrific sense of style, so I enjoy her fashion and beauty tips (her daily looks on instagram are always stunning!), and it’s a joy to read about her adventures beyond London as well.

Having worked for two floral related start-up companies in the past, Brenda thought she’d share her top seven flower-themed London destinations. Of course, I couldn’t be happier!

Over to Brenda….

1/ The New Covent Garden Flower Market

Brenda McIntosh Shares Her Secret Seven London

This is where the florists in London buy their flowers—I’ve made quite a few early morning trips here! Don’t expect too many frills, but do expect the best selection of blooms in all of London. You’ll find the freshest flowers at wholesale prices, plus plenty of greenery, vases, and floristry tools. Be sure to go early for the very best selection!

2/ Queen Mary’s Rose Garden in Regent’s Park

Brenda McIntosh Shares Her Secret Seven London

By far my favourite spot in London, this is a rose lover’s dream. This area of Regent’s park is
never too crowded and there’s always a free bench to sit and enjoy the sight and scent of the roses. I like that each variety of rose has its own section and there’s a label letting you know the name. The best part is the circular centre that’s surrounded by benches and climbing roses.

3/ Vauxhall Lavender Field

Brenda McIntosh Shares Her Secret Seven London

When you think of Vauxhall, a more industrial area comes to mind, and that’s true. But tucked away in Vauxhall Park is a little lavender field. It might not be as large as the more well known Mayfield fields, but it’s easy to get to and scenic enough for a really lovely photo. Plus, the scent is incredible and it’s a great place for a picnic.

4/ Kenwood House Rhododendrons

Brenda McIntosh Shares Her Secret Seven London

This is a relatively new discovery for me, but one that I absolutely love! I’m originally from
Seattle, Washington and our state flower is the rhododendron, so to see such an expansive
display of these brightly coloured blooms makes me feel right at home! Most people might know Kenwood House (and the grassy fields in front) from the movie Notting Hill, but if you’re around in late May, head to the side of the house for a rhododendron display well worth the trip to Hampstead.

5/ Diptyque Westbourne Grove

Brenda McIntosh Shares Her Secret Seven London

You’ve probably seen Wild at Heart’s turquoise island display featured in plenty of Instagram posts, but just down the road is a store that I always love to pop into. It’s Diptyque’s second ever location (after their original boutique on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris) and it’s even more special after a recent renovation. It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a Diptyque fanatic—I’ve got quite the collection of their candles around my house! Describe the kinds of scents you like (for me it’s florals) and they’ll guide you to a perfect pick.

6/ The Punch Room at The London Edition

Brenda McIntosh Shares Her Secret Seven London

This is another lesser known spot that’s right next to a more well-known one. Berners Tavern is beautiful, but I prefer the tucked-away Punch Room (both are in The London Edition). It’s an intimate spot for upscale, but not too fussy, drinks. The last time I was there, my choice was garnished with a jasmine flower and it smelled

7/ Petersham Nurseries, Richmond

Brenda McIntosh Shares Her Secret Seven London
This one takes some time to get to from London, but it’s well worth venturing off the beaten path for. This place always feels so magical—crystal chandeliers hang from the ceilings of their greenhouses, and their cafe and restaurant both serve incredible (and incredibly fresh) dishes. Head home with some new plants and gardening tools, or just browse around! Richmond Park is a stone’s throw away too, so you can certainly make a day of it! (Miranda’s mentioned that it’s also a wonderful spot to visit in the wintertime, when it’s decorated with Christmas trees! {Yes, it is! You can read my post about it here.- M})


Thanks so much to Brenda for her brilliant suggestions. I’m definitely adding Vauxhall Lavender Field to my list for next summer, and I can’t wait to to get to The Punch Room for one of those delicious cocktails….

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Note: All photos apart from cover picture provided by Brenda McIntosh. Enjoyed this post? Read my other Secret Seven London articles with Talitha McQueen and Annabel Bird.