Beauty Tips for When You Have a Cold

Beauty Tips For When You Have a Cold

As we enter the season of snuffles and coughs, I thought it would be useful to pull together my top beauty tips for when you’re battling a cold. Last weekend, I did a little modelling for an online magazine, and I was rather anxious about the shoot because I’d been sick with a cold for the past couple of weeks and felt I looked far from my best. Fortunately, though, I’ve got so used (as a Primary school teacher) to covering up the tell-tale signs of a head cold, that I knew exactly which products to reach for to help me fake a healthy complexion. Here are my tops tips (and here’s hoping you won’t need them!):


This is the single most important tip! Your skin tends to get horribly dry when you have a cold, and keeping it as hydrated as possible is crucial and will help with any redness too. The products I always use when my skin is a flaky mess drastically in need of rescuing are: Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Mask and Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Serum. For a wonderfully quick fix, I apply the Burt’s Bees mask and simply remove any excess by gently pressing my face with a piece of tissue. When in the midst of a cold, I take care to apply the mask a couple of times just around my mouth and nose during the day. This is the best trick I’ve found for diminishing a red nose asap!

It’s also important to keep your fluids up when you’re sick, so add some slices of lemon and some mint to a jug of water and keep pouring during the day.


Key to regaining a smooth, even skin tone is exfoliating. I like to use an exfoliating cleanser, such as Chantecaille’s Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser, or Emma Hardie’s Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds. Also, I love my Clarisonic, which I always use whenever I’m having a skincare related emergency! It’s the best tool to get rid of pesky spots or flaky skin.


My lips suffer terribly when I’m sick and seem to become dry and cracked within a day. I slather on lip balm in favour of lipstick (by Terry’s rose balm is gorgeous, not least because it has a beautiful rose scent), and if I do get made up, I take care to go for strong eye make up paired with a dab of dewy pink gloss on the lips (a favourite is this Chanel one). There’s nothing worse than a bold red lip colour when your lips are chapped.


When getting made up, I find I have to use more concealer than usual to help cover any red areas (and the inevitable bags under the eyes). It’s a good idea to apply blush only very lightly (as you’re bound to have more pink in your face than normal), but make sure you use a powder to set your make up, as I find when I’m sick that makeup wears off even more quickly (especially when you’re sneezing into a hanky all the time!). I love Eve Lom’s Sheer Radiance Powder which adds a glowing finish to your makeup routine.


Ultimately, when you’re feeling awful, it’s best to stay in bed and catch up on your favourite TV show(s). When life dictates that you must drag yourself out from the duvet and show your face in public, though, then I hope all the above tips will be useful!

Wishing you all a very healthy and happy start to the autumn! What are your best tips for looking your best, even when feeling your worst?

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