Back to Blogging

As I write this, the sunshine is streaming through the window, and I’ve got a jug of just-about-to-burst daffs in view on the mantlepiece. I’ve just finished recording a Tea and Tattle interview, I’m trying to ignore the ache in my arms from a strenuous early morning workout, and I’ve made another cup of tea in the hope that it will perk me up a bit. I had a late night at the theatre last night, and it’s hard to stop yawning.

As I sat sipping the healing brew (as Bertie Wooster would say), it suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t blogged since before Christmas, and with another shock I realised that we’re almost mid-way through February. Why does the time go so quickly? January was a whirlwind of organising, recording and editing Tea & Tattle episodes to kickstart the new season. The podcast requires hours of work that tends to keep me from blogging as much as I’d like, but with the first taste of spring in the air, I’m in an optimistic mood and vowing to devote more time to this online room of my own.

Much as I love instagram, it certainly has its restrictions, and I’ve missed blogging as a means to write about and photograph whatever I want in relation to my London life and cultural pursuits.

So back to blogging it is!