Annabel Bird Shares Her Secret Seven London

Secret Seven London with Annabel Bird of Bleak House London, a luxury lifestyle brand

An Insider’s Guide to London

This post is part of my Secret Seven London series, where I ask my favourite London instagrammers to share their top seven London locations that are a little off the beaten track.

London is full of beautiful destinations to explore, and I’m always so excited when I uncover a new gem, so I hope my readers will find this series as inspirational as I do! Get ready to fill your Little Black Book with some of London’s best kept secrets…

Annabel Bird’s Secret Seven London

Annabel Bird ( with her dog, Edward

I’m so pleased that the lovely Annabel Bird has agreed to share her Secret Seven London with Miranda’s Notebook readers. Annabel is a fellow North-West London resident, and she lives in Primrose Hill with her family and beloved Welsh Terrier, Edward (who even has his own instagram account!).

Annabel is the founder of Bleak House London, a luxury online lifestyle shop that’s perfect for city-dwellers who love nothing better than planning weekend escapes to the country. Annabel handpicks and designs a range of good quality fashion and homeware products, as well as practical, but stylish accessories for your canine best friend.

Every month, Annabel and her husband send out their fantastic newsletter, The Red Book, which contains suggested walks and helpful tips for making the most of London and the surrounding countryside. You can subscribe to The Red Book here, and you can also read editions of The Red Book on Annabel’s online magazine-style blog.

I was so interested to read Annabel’s top seven London destinations, which are a brilliant mix of vegetarian-friendly restaurants and places to escape the cacophony of the city:

1/ Kenwood Ladies’ Pond, Hampstead Heath

I have been swimming at the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond in the summer for a long time, but last year I decided to swim through the winter. I’ve swam every week for a whole year now and it’s been one of the most magical, thrilling and challenging experiences of my life.

2/ The Everyman Cinema, Kings Cross

One of the reasons I love living in London is that it has the best of everything. Cinemas are no exception, and the recently opened Everyman at Kings Cross is the nicest cinema I’ve ever visited. Forget fold down-seats and buckets of Coca Cola, here you can snuggle up on a velvet sofa with your other half and drink prosecco to your heart’s content.

3/ Honey & Co, Fitzrovia

This cute little restaurant in Fitzrovia is great for us vegetarians. Sharing mezze and rose wine with a bunch of girlfriends is one of my favourite ways to while away a lunchtime.

4/ Padella, Borough Market

Borough Market is one of London’s oldest markets – it’s been there for more than a thousand years. The market is a gastronomic delight, and top of the tree for me is Padella: ridiculously cheap, ridiculously delicious, ridiculously busy. There is always a queue around the block to get a table, and I love that the restaurant shuts in the afternoon so the pasta can be made for the evening. You can’t get much fresher than that!

5/ Petersham Nurseries, Richmond

If I want a good walk and to feel like I’ve left London without actually quitting the city, I walk from Richmond to Petersham Nurseries for lunch. It’s the most beautiful garden centre you could imagine, and I am building up quite a collection of their wonderful Indian terracotta pots. Happily, the restaurant and the cafe are both dog friendly.

6/ Odette’s, Primrose Hill

Along with The Ivy, Odette’s is my favourite restaurant for those special occasion meals. It’s perfect for an anniversary, a birthday or sometimes just a random Thursday night when you need a bit of cheering up. This little Welsh outpost has the ideal mix of excellent food, great service and a lovely interior.

7/ Inner Temple Gardens

My husband works on Chancery Lane, and if I’m in town I’ll sometimes meet him for a low-key picnic in Temple Gardens. We grab a sandwich from Pret-a-Manger and sit under the beautiful trees and forget the 21st century exists.


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Note: all photographs excepting header image provided by Annabel Bird

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